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My online belated birthday gifts

So I came back from rehearsals last night only to see that Sharmila (or @sharmilanair) had posted something on my Facebook wall, and a few friends had clicked on “Like” for it. At first, I thought it was just some photos Sharm, who works on the same team as me, had uploaded. She’s been trigger happy the past few days.

Bye bye StarDeck

If you want to know who she is, look for the most mental-looking person in the picture above. These are my colleagues and I posing in front of the newly-renovated reception area at Menara Star. It used to be R.AGE at StarDeck, where we worked from. Obviously, Sharm is the only one not upset at the whole thing (or rather, has a really strange way of showing it).

This would explain the mentalness of the birthday poem she wrote for me – and posted on my FB wall. It is some sort of a tradition ( (okay, well, she’s only done it ever once before) but I am very touched and I love it. Really.

Thanks Sharm! *smiles*

Wanted to share it with you guys:

There is a boy,
Tall and skinny,
His hair quite short,
And his laugh a bit funny.

He looks thirteen,
Though he’s actually thirty,
He’s young at heart,
That’s what keeps him him pretty.

He loves to run,
And tweet and blog,
Can eat a …bucketful of pork,
But never a dog (I hope).

Has a nice hat collection,
And a whole bunch of tees,
So colourful and unique,
Even Rio wanted a piece.

He loves to sing,
Though cannot carry a tune in a bucket,
Belts out Spice Girls despite stares,
In his head he’s like “F*** It!”

He’s generous and kind,
Though not at all times,
Can be jahat and sarcastic,
Well no one said he’s fantastic.

But at the end of the day,
He’s just a Bangsar Boy,
Who spends crazy money,
On lotsa weird ass toys.

Like stuff called Poken,
And a watch difficult to read,
He’s unique in every way,
Never follows, always leads.

Thanks Sharm, I really, really love it.

On a separate note, about a month ago (a few weeks after my 30th birthday), I received a Tweet from one Shiva Ruppeni. It read:

Shiva Ruppeni's Tweet

I clicked on the link and lo and behold, I found that Shiva had created a Wikipedia page for me. Damn shy. But it was very thoughtful of her, considering that we’ve only ever exchanged some Tweets. Thanks Shiva.

Oh, and thanks to JayDee for this blogpost too. I shy to write too much about it because I think my blog post today is quite syiok sendiri already.

I love receiving presents when it’s least expected. Don’t you?

12.08pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. Wah lau~ Damn happy lah you, with so many ego boosting praises. Haha.

    Got to love Sharm’s poem though. Haha.

  2. wow, nice poem. it’s defintiely nice when someone writes sthg with “nice” elements in it. it’s really sweet of her. =)

  3. nice poem =)

  4. Jason: You say leh? :oP

    Esther: Yes, it is. :)

    Ken: Yeah, I like it too!

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