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iPhone 4S unboxing 17-10-11

My iPhone 4S unboxing video

I recorded this video over a month back on the day I got my new phone, but didn’t have the time to edit it. But since everyone on my Twitter feed from back in Malaysia have been talking about it for the past few days (I believe the 4S will be released this week in Malaysia?), I thought now might be a good time as any to post this up.

iPhone 4S unboxing 17-10-11

Taken from Brett Jordan on Flickr via the Creative Common License.

I’ve always loved my iPhone (since I got the first generation one) so I’m pretty happy with this. Also, because I skipped the iPhone 4, I really like the “new” look too. Plus, the camera is amazing. I’ve stopped carrying my Canon camera around with me. The only problem I have with the 4S is battery life – with my kind of usage, it doesn’t last me more than 10-12 hours. But I bring my charger (or at least the cable) with me to most places when I’m carrying a bag so I can always charge it when I need to. I’m sure they’ll fix the problem soon (and no, even an update of the iOS didn’t work).

To those of you who are getting yours, I hope you love yours as much as I do mine! p/s Say hi to Siri for me. :)

11.06pm Greenwich Meridian Time

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  1. Stephen Lee responded:

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    Its try, i got mine a couple of weeks ago, the video and pictures are good, battery :oS as you said hehe :)

  2. Stephen Lee responded:

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    It is true, Battery is quite varied depending on settings switched on, love the phone, i got this case for it :oP

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