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MTV's Rock it with Utt and Mens Fashion Week 2011 in Singapore


Now that I have your attention …

Actually, that picture is meant to set the tone for this post. If you didn’t know, the past week was Mens Fashion Week 2011 at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore, the first of its kind in Asia and only the third in the world, I read. I wasn’t actually going to attend it (read: no invite) initially but then serendipity happened which took me to the last show I watched (I watched two) where the image above, of a model showing off SkinXWear’s er, briefs, taken during the Brief Encounters show on Saturday.

It all started with a phone call from MTV Asia asking if I’d like to attend the first after-party of the event, hosted by Utt. I haven’t been out much (partying that is) in Singapore so I took up the offer.


When I got to the after party, it was already happening but I managed to catch Utt and my friend Holly as well as Sonia Couling hosting the event and introducing the next act West Grand Boulevard from Singapore (pictured below).

West Grand Boulevard

They were pretty good. I stayed on till when Malaysia’s Lap Sap came on (Malaysia boleh!) and bumped into a few friends along the way. Managed to take a picture with Miranda and Didi but that photo sucked and didn’t capture their shoes so I’ll post this one below without me in the picture instead!

Miranda and DeeDee

They were also waiting for Lap Sap to come on and I managed to catch this shot before I left (but it was so smokey, I couldn’t get a good shot!).

Lap Sap

The night started a few hours before that though. Cammie at MTV was kind enough to get me passes for the Shanghai Tang show earlier in the evening so I managed to actually catch one of the shows!

Mens Fashion Week - Shanghai Tang

The clothes were pretty nice, and my favourites were the maroon mandarin-collared blazers. I don’t have good photos though as I wasn’t sure how to set my camera to capture the shots with so much light on the models. This was the only good shot I managed to get from the whole show.

Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang

Okay, so I got two nice shots. It was also at this show that things got a bit strange for the night. Our tickets (I invited my old friend Nelson along) stated 8pm so we got there early only to walk into an empty hall. We asked around for directions to the hall thinking we were running late (from three different people) and they all directed us somewhere. The somewhere, ladies and gentlemen, was backstage!

I was walking through trying to find an exit (thinking it was a short cut of sorts) when I bumped into a familiar face. It was Michelle, the stage manager from when I performed in The Swimming Instructor back in 2009. After giving her a hug, I turned to my right only to see Bella, my cast mate from A Christmas Carol (2008) sitting there eating! What a coincidence!

Joey Samson

It was because of the two of them that I managed to catch the Joey Samson (from The Philippines) the next day. And I’m glad I did. I’ve never heard of Joey but I really like his stuff. Again, not many great shots but the one above features one of my favourite ensembles from his show – check out those shoes! But I really like the top too!

Joey Samson

I thought that his designs were very fresh and current and while they might look a bit OTT on the catwalk, I thought they as individual pieces, they are very wearable! I want those shorts!

The Joey Samson show was a double bill with the Brief Encounters show I was talking about earlier. In between the shows, they showed some quotes about men on the screen. I like this one the best:


I think in all, there were about six or seven different brands who had their underwear featured in the show. My favourites were in the later part of the show:


This one from DKNY. I loved the styling. And this one below from Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen

So simple but fun, with the top hats and walking sticks.

One of the highlights of those two days also was catching up with my old friend Nelson who I’ve not met in ages. We only met up again for the first time after nine years (I met him when I was studying in Australia) earlier in the week. Here’s a shot of us at the Shanghai Tang show to end this post with.

Nel and I

2.08pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)


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  1. Yo.. long time not visiting. How I wish I could attend any fashion show though. Sweat,

  2. Definitely love the quote from Cher. Those fashion of grey, black and white seems simple yet stylish.

    • Are you talking about the Joey Samson collection? Yes, I liked it very much too! 😀

      And yes, what a quote from Cher 😀

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