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Michaelangelo's David - finally!

In 1997, my sister and I ran around The Louvre in Paris in the short time we had looking for Michaelangelo’s masterpiece called David. We couldn’t find it. Finally, we went up to the information counter to ask for it and the lady looked at us blankly, unsure of what we were on about.

After conferring with another colleague, they both came back to us as said, “David is in Italy”.

Indeed, he was. My father, in all his blurness, had told us to run in and look for David when he actually meant Venus. Me and my sister, in our late teens and early 20s respectively, didn’t know better. Good thing we took a picture with the statue of Venus, even if we didn’t know what it was and took it only because everyone else was doing just that.

Almost 12 years later, I finally made it to Florence, Italy. Yes, this is where David has always been. And what a majestic sculpture it is too. Taking this shot was almost worth being told off by the guard for because apparently we weren’t allowed to take a picture in there.

Beat you to it, ee che! 😛

Michaelangelo's David

11.58pm Italian time (+2 GMT)

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  1. most desirable responded:

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    great shot of david, in fact i’ve got a little sculpture of him bought by my aunt when she came back from holidaying in italy. Real special gift :)

  2. Ee Che responded:

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    Who actioning now???

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