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Michael Jackson has the X-Factor

I woke up this morning to this tweet from BBC Entertainment. Apparently, the sales to Michael Jackson’s latest album – the compilation album released in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of thriller (and his 50th birthday I suppose) – have jumped back into the Top 10 in the UK charts. It was at #47.

This was because X-Factor – the reality competition – featured all of the competitors singing Michael Jackson songs.

I’m not a huge fan but I do love his music. And it was nice of the HMV spokesperson to say (with regards to the boost of the sales, and his songs being featured on the show):

“It just shows you the enduring appeal of Michael Jackson, reminding you of how brilliant his songs are…”

Then I remember that some time ago, I even blogged on Mr. Jackson. This was at the culmination of his child molestation trial. I always said that I wanted to share my old writings, so these are two of them – here and here.

It’s strange rereading your past works. For one, you sometimes don’t recognise your own style or writing, and secondly, you start questioning your values. And times when you stand by it, like I still do for those two articles, you feel good.

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  1. I wrote a piece about MJ a few weeks ago, a birthday entry to commemorate his 50th birthday and his artistry that has inspired millions.

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