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Trooping the Colour

"Meeting" the Queen ... again - Trooping the Colour!

I’ve meant for this to be a much longer blog post but the events of the past week (read this for details) has kept me rather busy. It’s almost 2am here so I’m about to crash and needing to wake up early tomorrow for a trip, there’s no way I can get this post out properly.

But the journalist in me insist on timeliness (it’s already a bit late), so I thought I’d post the video I put together from Trooping the Colour first, and worry about the blog post with more details and photos later.

In short, Trooping the Colour is the annual celebration of the Queen’s official birthday. My friend Rob, who works in Parliament, managed to get his hands on a couple of tickets and invited me along to watch. It was great fun (even better that I didn’t need to line the park and The Mall with thousands of others to catch a glimpse of the royal carriages) and I had a great view being right in front.

For now, enjoy the video!

1.1am Greenwich Meridian Time

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