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Malaysiakini: PAS says that MLTR event is "festival of sin"

Forgive me, for I have sinned.

I have two confessions. The first is worst than the second, in my eyes at least. PAS doesn’t seem to agree.

1. I actually like Michael Learns to Rock. I grew up listening to 25 Minutes, The Actor and Paint My Love. I even have their CDs. I know, I know … judge me now.

2. I’ve actually even gone to their concerts. Twice.

Well, if PAS Youth is right, then my #2 confession means that I have sinned. They have called for a ban of Michael Learns to Rock’s Eternity Tour 2009 in Genting Highlands

Then again, I’m not a Muslim but I am a Malaysian. It would appear that their contention is that the concert, if held, would be a major insult to Malaysia and Muslims observing Ramadhan.

Its official statement from the website says:

Konsert ini adalah suatu penghinaan besar kepada negara Malaysia dan umat Islam yang sedang menyambut bulan Ramadhan al Mubarak kini.

Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat sekali lagi mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya jemaah menteri yang membuat keputusan ini. Dimana ia adalah suatu tindakan yang kurang ajar dan penghinaan besar terhadap ummat Islam di Malaysia.

I first noticed the story on someone’s Tweet but didn’t get the reference until I saw this article by Malaysiakini. It reads, referring to the political party’s youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi,:

He also called on the Fatwa Council and muftis to join in the protest against the cabinet for allowing such a “festival of sin” to take place.

Concert will corrupt and weaken

He urged them to cleanse this land of the “sin and transgression sponsored by Umno/BN”.

“The government has scant respect or sensitivity for Muslims observing the holy month of Ramadhan,” he said.

Er, what? Seriously, has any of the PAS members even heard MLTR’s music? Maybe they were thrown off by the word “rock” in the band name but the Danish band’s music is anything but!

And if you’ve ever been to a concert – they have always been decently dressed, have short hair, very polite and most of the time barely moving (yes, I go to the concerts – I never said it was particularly exciting).

The best part was this quote:

“A concert of this nature would corrupt and weaken the morals of the people, causing them to be undiscerning in their conduct,” said Nasrudin.


Talk about misguided. Sigh.

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There are 10 responses to “Malaysiakini: PAS says that MLTR event is "festival of sin"”.

  1. the only thing MLTR will corrupt is good taste in music, BWAHAHAHHA!

    sorry 😛

  2. OMG MLTR is sooooooooo far from what they are thinking! Anyways, were you gonna go to your 3rd MLTR concert?

  3. Firdaus Abdullah responded:

    · Reply

    I remember them – they were pretty awful. Clearly the fear is that Malaysians in general and Malays in particular will bleach their hair (badly) and start playing pianos whilst suspended from a crane (wasn’t that in MLTR’s ‘hit’ music video?). The first is obviously a sin against good taste. The second should obviously be banned on the grounds of being plain stupid!

  4. mui responded:

    · Reply

    I think The Star should stop publishing stories that are completely redundant. Perhaps, then we’d sort of have a non-issue with their idiotic comments.

    They are a waste of other newsworthy stories that is actually good for the public!

  5. mui responded:

    · Reply

    ok my bad. it wasn’t The Star. LOL. :S

  6. It’s a shame..

    a shame that they never grew up with MLTR beautiful music. They songs are very sweet, meaningful and pleasant to the ears.

  7. I think one of the reasons maybe because of MLTR from Denmark. Remember the cartoonist insult Islam and the Prophet in their newspaper.

  8. Justin Lee responded:

    · Reply

    PAS should be reminded that not all Malaysians are Muslims and their values shouldn’t be forced upon us.

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