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Let's start Poken

I came home from tech run for Short+Sweet earlier this afternoon to find a box on my table. I was immediately excited’cos I knew exactly what it was.

Ladies and gentlemen, the latest huge amount that I added on my credit card:

My box of Pokens


No, don’t worry, they’re not all mine. I already have one and have Poken-ed a couple of folks already. Those in the box above are for other people who wish to purchase one. I’m not in this for the business but there’s really no use in having a Poken if no one else has it. So I decided to order some, as did David Lian.

But maybe I am getting ahead of myself. Many of you are probably wondering what the hell a Poken is! In short, a Poken is really sort of like a digital namecard. Instead of passing your card to a new person you met, you just Poken each other and data will be transmitted between your Poken and the other person’s (both of you need to own your own Poken which is linked to your Poken account online).

There is actually very little data on the Poken – just the Poken ID. However, the ID is linked to your Poken account on the web the first time you sync it (via USB) and therefore you can share your data. In your account, you have a Poken card that looks like this:

My Poken card

The card contains whatever details you choose to put on it (including address and mobile phone number, for example). I chose my name, country, the company I work for, website address, email address and most importantly (syok sendiri moment, please), my date of birth – only because it’s coming up!

Can you see the icons at the bottom of the card? Those are just some of the social media tools you can associate with your account. This way, any one who have connected with you will be able to find you easily on other social media sties.

For example, if I was to meet a new person at a bar and told him about my Twitter account and said, “My username is NikiCheong”, he might get the spelling wrong. If we Poken-ed, all the details will be there the next time he signs in.

So I chose to share my Twitter, Flickr, Linkedin, Skype and MSN because those are my public accounts (I didn’t put Facebook because I only add friends on there).

And how do you Poken each other? Well, this picture of me and Peter Pek, who collected my first Poken for me, shows how you High Four (a Poken only has four fingers):

High Four!

And if it is successful, then a green light will light up to indicate that.


It would appear like they have really thought of everything. If, for example, you meet someone who wants to Poken you and you don’t want to share your details with him/her, you can press the button twice before you Poken and it will look like a success (the green lights up) but when he/she plugs it into a computer, there will be no record of your transaction.

Now, I don’t know if this is a fad, or if it will stay. I would imagine that even if Poken, as a brand, might not pick up here (it’s quite big in Japan, I hear), the technology will be developed and become mass one day (we really just need to wait until the ciplak versions come out). After all, there was a time when infrared sharing of contacts on mobile phones were the in-thing, this seems to be a progression of that.

I got myself one because I wanted to try it out. We’ll see if it picks up. In the mean time, I have some extra to sell (not at profit, just want more people to have Pokens!). You can email me or Twitter me and I’ll let you know if I have any extra that I can part with – already had some bookings from friends.

3.48pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. craps we share the same birth date! lolol

  2. […] This post was Twitted by mahyuni […]

  3. so THAT’S what a poken is! i was like what the heck and forgot to google it. lol. nice jason poken.

  4. I promise I will get a poken and Poken you if I get a panda. =)

  5. Ooh! it’s finally here. Nice.

    The Poken of appreciation. The Panda rox. :)

  6. Miux responded:

    · Reply

    Lol, thats quite a neat techware.
    Cant imagine a business meeting where everyone starts to poken each other

  7. Poke poke poke poke…

  8. was plannin to get one initially, but considering the exp shipping cost n all, i gav up. btw, any chance of purchasing it frm u?

  9. Emi responded:

    · Reply


  10. how much is that thing?

  11. Thanks to all those who have indicated interested in purchasing the Poken. I’ll get back to you by today.

    suanie: Really? Oer! But I’m older right? haha!

    lishun: Glad to serve you like Google! 😛

    miux: Yeah, like I said, I think it will only spread when the technology becomes more accessible and it can appear in different forms. Like a button on the tie of a businessman, for example!

    Jason: Stop poking!

    Emi: Only have the four pokens above. Don’t have the geisha lah.

  12. Sham: RM60.

  13. Kim responded:

    · Reply

    It is going to be hard for people to take you seriously when you pull out a Jason poken at a meeting. ROFL

  14. hmmm… so cuteee… do you have some extras?

  15. thanks for the details about poken.. =)

  16. christopher yeap responded:

    · Reply

    I want to purchase a poken too. Voodoo child be nice. How to get one?

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