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Kantoi! Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin riding a motorbike without a helmet

I guess the heading for this post really says it all but have a look at the picture below and see if you find anything amiss.

Sharm and The Star

No, it’s not that it’s weird that I would feature my colleague Sharmila Nair in my blog – although, I have this to say: Remember her face because you’re going to see A LOT of it, starting tomorrow in The Star.

And no, it’s also not that we’re being syiok sendiri and posing with the beloved newspaper that we work for.

Got it? You’re right – it’s in the picture. Here is a close-up:

Where's the helmet Tan Sri?

Oh yes, it is! Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was caught on camera riding pillion on a motorcycle without a helmet on. In fact, short for one person in the picture, no one else is wearing the helmet!

I actually saw the picture in the morning and thought something was off, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Until Sharm said something like, “Why isn’t the DPM wearing a helmet?”

Fine example you’re setting, Tan Sri.

I know lah, it’s a kampung-like area (he was in Alor Setar to check out the areas hit by floods) but the law is the law is the law right?

Wonder if he’ll get a summon from the cops? How much more evidence you want right?

12.01pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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There are 28 responses to “Kantoi! Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin riding a motorbike without a helmet”.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by nikicheong: On my blog: Kantoi! DPM caught riding a bike without a helmet on!

  3. *Burst into laughter!* Bwahahahaaha! A very good point being pointed out, Niki!!!

  4. abi responded:

    · Reply

    Bro, He’s the DPM…he’s got immunity of many things, like the PM :)

  5. hahaha…well pointed out.

  6. Even the smallest faults can be noticed when you’re looking for one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. and “kantoi”..haha maybe under certain “circumstance” it okay to not wear helmet.. for example.. “i’m can pay more that you could get”.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Maybe he understand: wearing helmet is for safety, but not to abide the law. xD

    Since he is riding safely, then no need helmet lah xD

  9. good one~!

  10. lol.. niceeee..
    on newspaper somemore! =D

  11. i saw that article but thought nothing of it. haha … but what an example. so you can ride without helmet in rural areas?

  12. So if I don’t wear a helmet and the police caught me, can I just show them THIS picture??


  13. Swee Ping/Michelle/Dylan: Hehe :oP

    Abi: Unfortunately so. The things, ahem, our Ministers get away with.

    Erina: Breaking the law? That’s a big fault!

    Izzat: Indeed.

    Tony: Haha There’s logic to that too. Hmmmm … ๐Ÿ˜€

    J2Kfm: I don’t think so but I guess if the DPM can get away with it … *ahem*

    Waileng: Try it and let us know if you succeed! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Ijam responded:

    · Reply

    Bro,non-gazetted road. No summonses can be issued. Agreeing to Erina-z. Even smallest fault can be noticed when you are looking for one. Give him a break. After all, we are all human. Unless none of us had never break even a single law. We got bigger things to talk about.

  15. ell responded:

    · Reply

    well, just to share to an idiot thinker….
    would you wear helmet in ‘dusun’, kampung area or other words on the non federal road (jalan kampung)..
    so please, don’t only pointed on others mistake… look upon our selves first

  16. Moist responded:

    · Reply

    helmet dia tidak disediakanla. kalau dsediakan sebelum lawatan mestila dia pakai

  17. mark shun responded:

    · Reply

    yah lah..Friday’s also no need to wear helmet……..One law for you …and one law is for the pendatang or baggers or what ever you choose to call the Indians and Chinese……..Its a sad time in Malaysia…..

    • abu bakar responded:

      · Reply

      Never say pendatang or ‘baggers’ to our chinese or indians friends. Whatever your are thinking, your are spreading ajinomoto around. Let say good things about each other ok. My brother inlaw is india so does my sister in law is chinese. I am going to marry an iban girl. PLease don’t say things that not appropriate.

  18. bull responded:

    · Reply can go to hell bro. Such a cheap issue!!

  19. paan responded:

    · Reply

    tu jln kampung la….jln kampung dgn jln dlm taman, polis x de hak nak saman la….aku pernah tanya x salah la DPM buat..haiyo..buat lawak btol la..

  20. Win Win Malaysians responded:

    · Reply

    apadok sibuk korg ni,TPM naik moto pun sibuk,itu tanda dia mesra alam, nenek aku pun sama naik moto p kat kebun 15thn pun takde jpj saman,fkr cara logik kot…

  21. FIND responded:

    · Reply

    Bangang,jalan camni polis mane leh saman la…
    salah org sume nampak..salah sendiri..tak nampak plak?

  22. azfar responded:

    · Reply

    kita adalah apa yang kita fikirkan…
    kenapa sekarang org suka berfikiran buruk…
    heran betul…

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  24. stupid la you. that is ‘jalan kampung tidak bertar’ on personal land. jpj/police/ trafic pekejadah dont have the right to summon you even you getting naked in it. you pernah masuk kampung? atau you duduk bandar sahaja. oh ya, tak tahu undang2? or jealous? anyone?

    • POYO responded:

      · Reply

      So otak sempit..jalan tu pn tak digazetkn sbg federal road..gila ke JPJ/polis nk saman..nanti uol kata enforcement gila kuasa lak dah kedaung nk mkn rahsuah….come on la Bangsar Boy…you mmg xpernah masuk JOKER!

  25. what are other acronyms for laughing other than lol. lmao. lmfao, rofl?

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