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iWant, iGot, iPad

Okay, if you’ve been following my Twitter stream, you will know that this is no longer new news. Although, technically, it’s only been less than five days since I got myself an iPad! Wahey! :)

Truth be told, I was seriously contemplating this purchase, considering that I only got myself an iMac a couple of months back. But I’ve heard so much about it, and I really enjoyed messing around that my friend Nicolas owned that I decided – oh screw it, I’ll get one. Except that no one in the US could get their hands on a set for me, and while the iPad in Australia costs less than the one in England, I had no friends returning from there to bring it back for me.

But then I remembered that Redmummy was in Europe so I got her to help me search for a set. She walked around France but it was sold out, so she searched London for me and managed to get me a set!


I met her on Monday to collect it from her (she returned home on Sunday and was jetlagged!) over lunch and she was telling me how the queue was really long in London but she managed to get it anyway. :) She also said that she had to lug it with her everywhere she went and from her flight from London to Amsterdam to KL, she had to carry it as hand luggage. So I am very, very grateful RM!

Truth is, I am still figuring the whole thing out. At the moment, it’s looking to be quite an awesome reader – I use it to catch up on news. The user interface for many of the magazines, newspaper and some blogs is really good and makes reading easy. I am still experimenting with the games and other features. It’s proving as a great tool to while away idle time. In the mean time, I’m trying to figure out how I can use this as a productivity tool.

Me and my iPad

I’m going to have to leave you with the picture above of me and my new love. Some people have asked for an unboxing video (similar to the one I did for the iMac where I made fun of Smashpop’s video) but I’m passing this time because … er, malas a bit. I did get a video of me and my colleagues checking out the iPad as I opened it though but for the life of me, can’t find the footage anywhere! I’ll edit it and upload it the moment I do though!

Okay, enough blogging. Time to go play with my iPad. 😛

Pics taken with Cybershot TX5.

9.17am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. Wow! your new toy is really nice! I ‘heart’ it also =P

  2. Red Mummy is so sweet. That’s what friends are for. =D
    Have fun with your new love. 😉

  3. KY responded:

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  4. So nice you have an iPad now~!
    May i know which facebook widget u r using now? The one can write comment on the same time
    Would like to learn from you ar ;p

  5. wow.. so lucky..~~ now iPad sure come in handy..=) *envy*…~~

  6. wooots ! haha congrats ! 😀 I’m getting mine tomorrow weeee (:

  7. Oh no, not again…

  8. Sony TX-5!!! i want pls~ entered the competition, here’s hoping~

  9. benci :(
    i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant

  10. waaa..iPad…so jealous huhu

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  12. So nice of Red Mummy! She’s like your ‘Fairy Godmother’ :-)

  13. so how do you find it so far? 😀

  14. jeles!

  15. hehehe nais!!! =)

    how did u jailbreak the ipad ar?

  16. Wow~~ Good! The iPad is nice.

  17. all comment replied except mine =S

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