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iGot a new phone

Pardon the intentional murder of grammar in the headline. It is for effect. :)

On Monday night, I had just returned from Singapore and got a great surprise. At 9pm, the DHL delivery guy rang my doorbell and I knew what had arrived – my latest Apple gadget. I’ve been tracking the delivery status all weekend with anticipation while in Singapore and thought that I had to wait till Tuesday, as there was still no notice of delivery when I landed in KL.

In fact, the surprise was so great that I fell so ill that night and was pretty much deactivated till the end of the week. I couldn’t even find the energy to get out of my bed, let alone sit in front of my computer to blog about it.

iPhone 6

I was excited about this for several reasons:

1. I had totally skipped the iPhone 5 (for the first time in my life) and my 4s was getting extremely laggy (not to mention I broke the glass at the back just a few weeks ago).

2. This is the first iPhone I have purchased that is not an “s” edition, other than the first ever iPhone that was released (which I made my parents bring in for me from the US all those years ago).

3. It’s my first “new” Apple product in a while – I did purchase an iPad Mini late last year but that was to replace the one I had left on a plane during on of my 50×50 My Malaysia trips. Before that was two years ago when my flat in London got broken into and I had to replace my Macbook. While these were all new items, they were replacements for existing items I had before.

4. It was a total impulsive purchase (I woke up on Nov 6 and checked to see if it was available to order and did it, when it was – I still don’t know yet how I’m going to pay for it).

5. It’s shiny and new!

iPhone 6 inside

Usually, when I get a new Apple product, I’d do an unboxing video (you can view my iMac one here, my Macbook Pro here and my iPhone 4S here). I’m a little over those kinds of videos so I’ll just put photos up instead.

This post is really just a record for me, I suppose. I know when I purchased all my gadgets by looking back at when I made a video or blog about it! But I wanted to share some observations about the new phone. I don’t want to get dragged into the which-phone-is-better debate (because, seriously, my choice lah which phone I prefer) so I’ll just compare it to my older iPhones.

1. The size is fantastic. I was initially skeptical and worried it would be too big but it’s been a week of using it. It feels nice in my hands, fits perfectly and I can do everything I used to do with one hand anyway (yes, yes, laugh at the double entendre, you naughty people).

2. It’s fast. Like it feels double the speed of my 4S.

3. I love that it’s gone back a bit to its roots – my favourite design has always been the original iPhone and this one is reminiscent of that.

4. It’s crazy light. Even with my leather case and a screen protector, it feels lighter than my 4S, which is much smaller.

5. The screen! The screen! I accidentally picked up my 4S this morning and had to squint to look at the icons. Only when I realised it was weird that I remembered I have a new phone.

6. TouchID is so convenient.

7. And the photo quality is so much better. Compare the shot below taken with the 6 to the other photos in this post taken with the 4S. I suppose skipping the 5 made the leap extremely significant.

iPhone 4S

So, just a final word on why I chose the 6 compared to the 6 Plus. For one, I mentioned earlier my reservation about the phone already being too big. But I had flown down to Singapore the afternoon after I ordered it and met a friend at an Apple retailer in the evening and checked them both out. I had my fingers crossed that I made the right decision – and upon seeing the 6 Plus, I know I made the right choice.

My friend Colin Charles had blogged about why he chose the Plus. I can totally see why he made his choice. In the end it comes down to individual preferences and usage. I suppose I do most of my reading on my iPad Mini so I didn’t think I needed such a big phone. The only reading I do on my phone is usually tweets and Facebook (occasionally opening the links) so the 6 is perfect. I don’t watch much videos as well on my 3G (I guess I have LTE now?).

Colin also posted something else about storage size. I’ve finally upgraded – I stayed at 32 for a long time and never actually used it up. This time I went for the 64gb. I figured with the improvement of technology (photos etc) that I’d need slightly bigger space but I think 128gb is a bit excessive for my usage. Most of my books, movies and PDFs are stored on my iPad anyway.

Last word on this. Why I’m also really happy with the device so far is that my whole ecosystem still works. Yes, I am aware of the dangers of being locked into an ecosystem but for the moment, it is so effective and my iMac, Macbook Air, iPad Mini and iPhone 6 really work seamlessly and compliment each other for my different usage requirements.

iPhone 6

3.46pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. John responded:

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    Woo hoooooo. Welcome to the modern ages, my friend. Now it’s time for me to catch up. =P

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