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I met Rio Ferdinand and other Manchester United players!

Ah, doesn’t my post title say it all? Heh But it’s, oh so true! My friends who are on my Facebook have already seen the picture but I thought I should share them here to … well, show off. 😛

After all, how often does one get to meet Manchester United players?

Fletcher, Gibson, Ferdinand and Nani

The four players who showed up at the Nike 5 Challenge – a five-on-five futsal tournament where the winning team gets to kick about with the Manchester United players – were (from left to right) Darren Fletcher, Darron Gibson, Rio Ferdinand and Nani. My favourite player, Gary Neville, was at a different press conference at the same time. :( The picture below was taken after the press conference and interviews, when the players took on the winning team. It ended with a draw.

Playing against the champions

Ia and I, who were both covering the event (Ian would do the interview, I would Twitter live for R.AGE) got there pretty early. We were afraid that there would be a traffic jam as it was during Friday prayers time, and there is a mosque right next to the event venue – at the KLCC open-air carpark.

Me and Ian

So we had time to camwhore, as you can see from the picture above. Then we just hung around there and caught up with some people I knew including Adam Carruthers, Ben Ibrahim, Mynjayz, Mojosh, Karr Wei and the nice folks from Nike including Mena and Andrew.

Then the press conference happened, and after that, Ian and I were treated to an exclusive one-on-one interview with Rio Ferdinand! No shit! I was so excited, but kept calm as I Twitterred some of his responses. The biggest thing for me, of course was him looking at me as I introduced myself and said that he liked my shirt and then turned to the Nike folks and asked if he could get one as well. Woot! Of course, after the interview (look out for the story in R.AGE on Monday), we asked him for a picture.

Ian, Rio and I

We hung around for a bit to try to get pictures with Darren Fletcher but he was too busy being interviewed so we didn’t get that. We managed to interrupt Darron Gibson’s conversation with some mat salleh guy (who didn’t look too happy at being cut off), and then later with Nani when he came into the room and stood around waiting for the rest of the interviews to end.

With Darron Gibson

With Nani

I also blogged for R.AGE about the experience, and you can read it here.

12.05pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. Wah damn lucky. I got invited to the pc as well but couldn’t make it in time cause was at Friday prayers at another mosque. By the time I reached it just finished!

    Didn’t realize you were at the NIKE5 event as well. I guess I was somewhere behind you when you snapped some of those pictures. lol.

    Big day today!

  2. u r sooooooo lucky beb…
    i went there too tomorrow..but u know..almost 5pm i got there..friday is working day ma..LOL…cannot wait for today!!yuhuu..pls snap a lot of pic bro..and share with us!!

  3. *pandaaa responded:

    · Reply


    p.s: I like that shirt too :)

  4. definitely very lucky. T.T

  5. nice~!

  6. Wah so lucky!!! 😀

  7. findfutsalmalaysia: Aiyah, shame. We’ll meet some other time lah!

    sultan|solitary rose|rames: I know, very lucky indeed. I live a charmed life!

    IndependentQueen: Quite very the nice! 😀

    pandaa: Haha Go buy lah from Nike 😛

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