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I just lost my erection

In Malaysian TV world, the phrase in the title of this post is translated into Bahasa Malaysia as:

“Saya baru hilang ereksi saya.”

This was on TV barely a few minutes ago, in an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S (showing on StarWorld) during a conversation between Monica and Chandler.

Whether it is the right term to use or not (I don’t really know) but the blatant modification of English is … scary. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry …

8.38pm Malaysian time

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  1. it should be “saya baru kehilangan kenaikan saya”. hahaa!

    you are right though. i dunno my BM anymore everytime i read the BM subtitles on TV.

    why use “debat” when we have “perbahasan”. why use “inisiatif” when we got “langkah-langkah”. i bet if we send our karangan for markings, we’d fail. :)

    heard u met up with Mandy. how’s she?

  2. Yeah…I saw that too and I was like… excuse me?

  3. alwin responded:

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    Saya baru hilang ereksi ssya

    Yer ke? Mari saya tolong carikan

  4. […] translated “I just lost my erection” to “Saya baru hilang ereksi saya”. I blogged about it […]

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