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Have you seen Rob (or -insert name here-)?

Well, I’ll be! Since I was away for a couple of weeks, and my petrol consumption was quite low considering I’ve been sitting in my office for an average of 14-16 hours a day this week, I haven’t actually pumped any petrol in my car since the fuel hike (I had filled a full tank the night before the rush, by accident mostly, but I’d like to think it was divine intervention).

Until an hour ago that is, after dinner with Jerome. The total: RM133 for about 90-95% tank. OMG… sigh.

And on to the post…

It’s just past midnight now, and I’m quite excited. For one, I think I’ll have the weekend to myself (well, other than the fact that I’ve got to finish my taxes by this weekend, and that I might have to pop into the office for an hour) but I’ve not had rest in a while (holidays are tiring too you know!) and time to myself.

But I am looking forward to today (Saturday) because that’s when Project Rob! will happen. I missed KLX a couple of weeks ago and will most likely miss RWP as well, so I’m not missing this one. And Zain knows it too!

Anyways, the nutter has released more information about Project Rob (watch the video to get an idea of what the event is all about).

The time? 5.30pm.

The venue? The Marketplace at Urbanscapes at KLpac.

The victim? Well, Zain’s only revealing that latest by 4pm on June 28, to those Random Agent who’s emailed him their mobile numbers.

It should be fun – and I’ll have my camera with me so expect a post with pictures on Sunday about the whole event.

It’ll be my first Urbanscapes but from what I’ve heard, it’ll be a blast!

12.43pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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