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Greetings from Egypt, Habibi

Hello Habibi, or my love … Greetings from Egypt! Yup, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m traveling again and this time, it’s for work following the contest winners of Nestle Drumstick’s Roadtrip to Egypt competition.

The picture above was taken very shortly after we arrived in Cairo on Wednesday morning. Seeing the Great Pyramids, even from afar, is pretty awesome.

We haven’t seen it yet. The past couple of days have been taken up by lots of sand – we spent two nights in the Western Deserts.

I’ll be totally honest, the food isn’t great. Most of our meals consist of bread (which is quite yummy but I’m not so keen on the dips – especially the eggplant and sesame oil). Then there’s lots of rice and potatoes which is okay but I draw the line on pickled vegetables (cold and hard) and er, pigeons.

But the sights make it all worth while.

We’ve visited some tombs, but none belonging to any major people we might have heard of. That’s for tomorrow and the day after – The great pyramids of Giza and then the Valley of the Kings.

But we did see lots of different deserts, including this one below, the white desert (limestone and salt causes the whiteness- hard to believe the desert was once sea!). I bought myself a scarf to make an aimar (not sure of the spelling), which is the headgear I have on.

I call it my iMar and the picture below is of me with my ‘twin’, our tour guide Mohamed.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to update more soon. In the mean time, I’m going to leave you with this amazing shot that I took. I was just sitting in the 4×4 wondering why we haven’t seen any camels (carcasses not counted) in the desert.

Lo and behold, as we arrived for dinner to watch the sunset, these camels appeared.

9.23am Egyptian time (+2 GMT)

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  1. omg the shot of the camels is so awesome!!! *turns green with envy

  2. Wow! It’s truly awesome. Love the pyramids picture, so serene and contrasting as well: ancient and modern building structures. =)
    Then again, I think the last picture is still the best! =D

    Have fun in Egypt!


  3. WJY responded:

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    I personally prefer Abu Simbel than the pyramids. At least one need to drive a few hours into the dessert to get to Abu Simbel (which makes it more worthwhile) while the Pyramids stand amongst those kawasan perumahan in Cairo.

    • Yeah! I know, when I first found out the Pyramids location, I thought the same thing.

      Then again, it wasn’t like they built the Pyramid at the kawasan perumahan, just that they built the kawasan perumahan near the Pyramids! 😛

  4. Wow…nice Egypt.. I love the great pyramids of Giza and then the Valley of the Kings….

  5. The views are breathtaking, to say the least. Can’t believe I’m actually not turned on by the sight of food, hmm, need to go to the GP one of these days, that’s odd.

  6. Hey Niki, nice to read your experience. Do you feel more “spiritual” upon setting foot there. The camel photo is just awesome – like one of those in the photo gallery. Guess it’s just, right place, right time!

    • Not particularly spiritual, but there is some amazing energy in Egypt. Maybe it’s from The Fallen 😛

  7. Aik responded:

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    I’m a great fan of ancient Egyptian stories! I’ve wanted to visit Egypt for so long! And I still wonder how is the pyramid built because there are different theories but neither one is proven absolutely right. You’re so lucky to have the chance to visit that place, even though the food don’t look appetizing.

    • Yes, I was very lucky indeed.

      I’d stick the stories about alients building the Pyramids … only because it’s cooler. :)

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