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Me at the Barbican Centre on Jan 23 for my MA DCS graduation ceremony


This is a month and a half too late but my friend Jo, who kindly offered to take all the pictures on that day, only found the time amid her busy schedule to send me some photos from my graduation ceremony at the Barbican Centre in London which happened in January.

Me at the Barbican Centre on Jan 23 for my MA DCS graduation ceremony

Wow, long sentence.

Anyway, I thought I’d share the shot – and a few others in this album here. I also thought this was a good way to close that chapter of my life (on this blog, that is – corny as it may sound, the education and experiences are something I’ll carry with me for a very, very long time).

It was quite a day. I was staying out in Zone 6 with my parents who were crashing at an aunt’s place. It was the only day my mum would see any bit of London as she was ill the whole trip but she managed to make it out (with a pair of jeans under her beautiful dress). We got there early as there were lots to sort out – getting my tickets, collecting my gown, taking the official portraits, grabbing lunch and of course, catching up with friends.

Then again, some people *cough* Danny *cough* showed up late and still got it all sorted within 20 minutes!

Ours was the afternoon session so I made sure to try and get my friends outside before the sun went down for a few shots. We thought it’d be great to have some outdoor picture with a bit of London behind us, and the snow as well!

Xinyan, myself, Danny and Bentley waiting for the ceremony to begin

Eventually, we were ushered into the hall to take our seats and much to my disappointment, I was seated away from my friends! It was just the way the numbers worked with the queue but there was an empty seat near them so I managed to squeeze in for a picture and then, after we’ve gone on stage, took that seat so I could spend some time with them. It would be the last time the four of us (who showed up) would be together for a while.

At the reception, we got to catch up with Tim Jordan who was our course director and lecturer, who made the effort to dress up in his “clown costume” for us. Later, Danny’s and my family went for dinner at this lovely place in the city before heading off to Lounge Bohemia in Shoreditch for drinks with our other friends (sans the folks!). It was quite an eventful day.

Anyway, I said some thanks in my previous post when I submitted my dissertation but I think it’s worth a repeat:

  • The British High Commission Kuala Lumpur and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office for including me in the British Chevening Scholarship programme. 
  • King’s College London, as a partner of the Chevening programme, for absorbing my university fees.
  • My lecturers in no particular order: Tobias Blanke, Raffaele Viglianti, Btihaj Anjana, Beatriz Cabalerro, Nick Wilson, Elena Pierazzo, John Bradley and especially to my supervisor Tim Jordan.
  • My classmates, particularly the ones who kept me sane (kept me drunk I mean), Danny Holland, Maya Desai and Bentley Yaffe.
  • My other friends who were particularly helpful with my dissertation – Adam Ivey and Mike Webster.

Then there is the support of my family (who had to miss me for a year) and the many old friends I had in London, new friends who adopted me and others who visited and bought me meals when I was a poor student.

Bentley received his cert, while I walk on stage for mine.

Thanks for all the fish! What a ride. :)

8am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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