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Glad to be back, nothing like Nasi Lemak from home

Nasi Lemak

It’s been a while but I’m happy to be blogging from Kuala Lumpur again. Yes, I’m home!

For those of you who have been following me on other social networks like Path, Facebook and Twitter, you might have noticed some irregularities in my timeline in that I was tweeting at the strangest hours, and not saying much. And check-ins at Amsterdam airport saying, “Holiday time!” can be quite misleading as well. It was all intentional of course.

I had planned this return home for a few months now but kept it hush because it was supposed to be a surprise for my parents who had no clue. The look on their faces as I shouted for them outside my house grill was priceless (so worth it!). 😀 Later at night, I surprised some of my friend’s as well, showing up at a pub without their knowledge.

Got to love these games.

Anyway, I’m home now and feeling a bit tired (yes, jet lag) although I got good decent sleep last night. I dragged myself out of bed early today to adjust my body clock, but there was also the fact that I knew Nasi Lemak (pictured above) was waiting for me at the dining table downstairs!

The plan today is to catch up with my sister for lunch before getting a haircut at the fabulous Albert Nico’s before doing some Chinese New Year shopping. Hopefully, the roads will be kind.

As for the plan for the rest of the week, I don’t have much time because I’ll be heading down to Malacca for CNY, as well as rushing an assignment due one day after my return!

But the plan for the moment is as follows: More nasi lemak, bak kut teh, roti canai, tandoori, Ramli Burger … you get the idea. :)

12.25pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. Welcome home bangsar boy =)
    Next time remember to record their expression when you are giving them surprice!

    • Thanks TianChad! haha No lah, don’t want to embarass them.

      It’s locked firmly in my mind though! 😀

  2. Niki, welcome back to KL for CNY! GONG XI, GONG XI! Happy Chinese New Year with more Nasi Lemak, Bak Kut Teh…… lol

    • Thanks for the wish Sharon! Hoping you have a great CNY and prosperous year ahead too!

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