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Flight attendant can rap, yo

Good morning folks. Thought I’d kick off the day sharing this little video I found last night on the blog of Ryan Seacrest (yes, Mr. “Seacrest Out!” himself”) via his Twitter account (yup, it’s not just geeks like me who Tweet, celebs do too!).

Apparently, videos of David Holmes, a 40-year-old Southwest airline crew member, has gone viral for a few months now. There is an article about him here.

It’s quite interesting, I thought, although I do think that people might get caught up by the stomping and clapping and novelty of it all, and not listen to the message – like buckling up seatbelts and putting luggages at the right place (not that many of us listen when it’s done in the boring conventional way, anyway). The article does mention that people say they are more likely to listen to him though, so yeah, maybe it works.

What I’d give to see a Malaysia Airlines crew member do something similar. Heh Heh Maybe we’ll see a dikir barat performance on our next flight? 😛

9.28am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. this flight attendant is going to save lives with his music

  2. rap responded:

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    no bad…

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