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Defying Gravity is a song for guys

Well, kinda. I was actually watching Glee tonight (yes, I started watching it again since it comes right after American Idol, which I really enjoyed this week, btw) and the highlight had to be Defying Gravity.

Listen to it here (sorry I couldn’t find a video):

The context: William Schuester, the teacher decides that the team needs to sing something more “conventional” to win Sectionals. So he suggests Defying Gravity. He gives the lead part to Rachel Berry (naturally) except that Kurt Hummel feels that he was born to sing the song. Schuester thinks that the judges at sectionals would prefer Rachel’s version because it’s traditionally a girl’s part.

Well, Kurt’s dad sees how upset his son is and goes to school to demand that his son be given a chance. The compromise – a sing off! I won’t tell you how it went in case you haven’t watched the show but it got me thinking about the song.

I really love Idina Menzel’s version of it in Wicked of course, but I have heard of a great version sang by a guy. And that was all I could think off as the debate went on between Rachel and Kurt (and with Kurt saying that he can sing it like a girl – and boy, can he!).

So, check out this version by Raul Esparza, arguably one of my favourite performers I’ve ever watched in a musical (I watched his on Broadway in Company which I also loved!).

What do you think?

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  1. I first heard that song on Ugly Betty and I liked it since then. 😀

  2. nice wor his song

  3. Raul’s version was not bad. I don’t like Kurt’s rendition as it is too soft, Rachel’s better.

    But nothing beats Idina Menzel’s Defying Gravity, strong and emotional.

    I used to watch this video Defying Gravity at Royal Variety Performance on Youtube 3 times a day… hahaha…

    • Yes, Idina is amazing. I love what Raul did with it though, and assuming it was impromptu, quite amazing!

  4. Yeah, I think Raul’s version is not so bad but Kurt’s in Glee was a little too whiny.. I’m not much of a fan of Glee, but I like watching it sometimes.. Some of the songs really fit the voices of the cast.. Still, I like the song.. :)

    • It’s not easy for a guy to sing it like how Kurt did. I didn’t like it personally, but I thought he did a great job.

      Raul is … Raul lah. Amazing.


  6. Wicked is Wicked….

    Adam treated my brother and i to wicked and i was downloading the whole soundtrack when we got home that evening! Defying gravity is awesome track! I sing it in my shower! haha.

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