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DBKL Officer? How rude!

I was playing tennis this morning (yes, laugh all you want) when a guy, maybe in his early 40s, in a uniform came storming onto the court.

I turned to my friend and asked him if it was the same guy as last week. He said yes.

You see, last week, I had to leave tennis earlier than my friends due to a workshop I was attending. So happens that the receipt for the court I had booked was with me. Apparently, this man – the same one – stormed onto the court and in a very rude way, told my friends that they had not paid for the court.

My friends of course objected and he asked them (rather ordered them) to produce a receipt. Obviously they couldn’t. So they called me, and I gave them the receipt number. Even though he was mistaken, he accused them instead of playing over the time we had paid for. It was a measly 10 minutes and there wasn’t even anyone playing after us.

I’m not sure if it’s because of what happened last week, but today, he spoke (rather shouted) at everyone on the four courts except us. Only one had over-played their time. So he took the guy over (another friend of mine) to pay for the extra 40 minutes he had paid. Sensing that we better do the same, my friend followed them to pay for another hour to, lest we be shouted at for no apparent reason.

The Bangsar Sports Complex is run by DBKL and while I’m not great friends with the people in the office, they have always seemed friendly and polite enough. So when I was told of the incident last week, I was kind of surprised.

As I was walking out today, I saw the man in uniform. He was sitting on a small table under the staircase. Which leads me to suspect one thing: he was just the security guard (I will go back tomorrow and confirm this).

Okay, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he has been assigned to check for players who were playing over the limit. But if so, why did he have to be so aggressive and verbally attack the players when all he had to do was politely ask to see the receipts?

Secondly, if indeed he was tasked to check all receipts, why didn’t he ask us for ours today?

And finally, how come he brought my friend to the gym to pay the extra hour (RM5) and only gave us a RM2 receipt used for the gym. Are they even authorised to take our money? Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen to the RM3 that is unaccounted for?

The magic receipt.

That biadap attitude, really got to me. Surely, one has more respect for a fellow human being? Hadn’t someone once say something about not doing unto others what you wouldn’t want done unto you?

If it happens again, I might just go and lodge a report. I’m not sure if they accept “Kurang ajar official” as grounds for report. And I’m not even sure who to report to. The guy in the office? The people at the DBKL building? The City Grandfather (Datuk Bandar)?

Didn’t the Opposition MPs run on a platform about cleaning out the mess in gov’t bodies or something like that? Since KL is essentially an opposition ‘state’, maybe they can do something about it.

Hmm … will local council elections eradicate this sort of behaviour I wonder? Curious …

Ah, and the rantings have begun. :)

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  1. Ohh….dirt =)

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