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Datin Seri Rosmah feeling in the pink

So, the big news of the day was of course the launching of the very pink website of our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor

Now, there has been naturally some criticism. Among those I heard are:

1. It’s too pink. Okay lah, I don’t really like the colour either but to be fair to her, you can choose your colour scheme (see the boxes at the top with different colours?). I haven’t been able to test it though. I just tried to access the site and it’s down.

2.It’s too slow. Yes, it is.

3.It is on a Government site. Well, it’s not THAT uncommon.

4. There were also some criticism which were more personal but I won’t get into all that.

Now, my first reaction was: What? She has a whole micro-site dedicated to her? Wah, Malaysia memang boleh. Even Michelle Obama only has a one pager (all the links lead to other White House related pages). While thinking of this, I thought I would check out the other wives of world leaders and see if they have their own site.

Michelle Obama official page

Of course, the first I looked for was Michelle Obama (no need to tell you folks who she is, do I?). Hers is simple, just a biodata (a bit long but then again, she’s got quite an illustrious career) and also on official website – the White House’s that is. But that was it. Rosmah 1. Michelle 0.

Then next I tried for the wife of Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Sarah Brown. Nada. Nothing. Most I found was her Wikipedia page (unless I missed it somewhere). Rosmah by a mile!

Since I lived in Australia for a couple of years, I thought it’s be interesting to find the wife of Kevin Rudd (Prime Minister of Australia). Her name is Therese Rein and she, like Michelle Obama, also has an official page on the Prime Minister’s Office site. But her biodata is even shorter than Michelle’s but she has a list of her interests … in bullet form! Rosmah 1 – Therese 1/4 (for the bullet points!).

Therese Rein

Then I wanted to look back at Asia, so I checked for Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and found, well nothing. I tried PRC President Hu Jintao’s wife Liu Yingqing and also nada. Or maybe I couldn’t find it because it was in Chinese. But since this is my blog, I’ll say, Rosmah 2!

Then I thought how could I miss the ultimate First Lady? Nicolas Sarkozy’s superstar wife Carla Bruni (or Bruni-Sarkozy). And this one was the best. She doesn’t have an official site on Nicolas’ site (actually, it’s in French so I couldn’t find anything, not even an English version button).

What I did find was this site – her personal website! It’s not pink but it’s very nice. I think she wins.

Carla Bruni_Sarkozy

But since I’m such a patriotic Malaysian, I’ll all for Datin Seri’s site. Colour aside, it’s nice to know that she’s at least embracing new media technologies. Let’s hope it’s more interesting than her husband’s Tweets though!

1.27am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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There are 10 responses to “Datin Seri Rosmah feeling in the pink”.

  1. It’s so BAKTI colour. Pinkish. Wonder why so pinkie though. Oh, I have a funny thought about our PM’s twitter – isn’t it funny that he only tweets bout his whereabouts? Does other politicians do the same too? 😛

  2. i don’t have a twitter account (soon, i swear!) so please let me say it here:

    the site is pink, therefore you can see it from space. like her hair.

    also, … oh, nevermind


  3. Qaish responded:

    · Reply

    Why the heck is her hair like that? Does she really think it’s flattering?!

  4. Everyday I saw our “first lady” in the Star paper for publicity until numb already… Now still need website to promote some more
    (-__- )|||

  5. SweePing: Haha Some politicians do use Twitter as more than just a schedular. 😛

    snark: Get on Twitter! haha I shall refrain from any further comments on the hair. Or colour. heh

    Qaish: Maybe she’s got a great stylist?

    Henry: Can’t get enough of her!

  6. Sandee responded:

    · Reply

    Maybe she’s inspired by Queen Rania

  7. very pink indeed -.-”

    but then… pink is always girls’ favourite colour, no? Hehe. It’s either Datin loves pink or the web designer does :p

  8. You know what? You can change the colour of the site – see the colourful squares at the top of the page? There are five colour options – can you imagine???

  9. izuan responded:

    · Reply

    Too aristrocratish…tooo melayu lah…husband say 1malaysia..wife 1Malaya..mmm..sory laa Rosmah..

  10. […] Of course, this begs the question about how Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (Facebook here, Twitter here) would react? Sure, it’s not as grave an issue considering the issues plaguing out country at the moment but Najib has been a strong proponent of social media – actively promoting his Facebook Fan Page as well as constantly updating his Tweets (whether it is ghost Twitterers is besides the point). Heck, even his wife Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor has her own microsite! […]

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