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Papan: Home of war hero Sybil Karthigasu

Excuse my not blogging yesterday. I am currently in Ipoh for the R.AGE Trailblazer competition due to begin in barely a few hours. Before I head to bed, I just wanted to share some images with you guys. Today (well, yesterday technically as it is after midnight), I went to visit the small one-road town […]

Laos Day 6: Parting ways

This will be my last post on my working trip to Laos with World Vision Malaysia. I know I promised a 10-part series, but even I am suffering from Laos fatigue on my blog (I will however blog once more on Laos later, about the rest of my trip where I did the touristy stuff). […]

Laos Part 5: Long journey

I’m not sure how the others felt, but I for one was tired. The trip was going well – I had made some great new friends, had experiences I’ve never before encountered and seen things I never thought I ever would – but still the late nights and early mornings was starting to take it’s […]

Laos Day 4: Feet first into the paddy field

My roommate Lucent and I were early for breakfast, so we went down to take some shots. My mum calls me a “fan tong”, translated is Cantonese for Rice Bin. It’s a reference to the fact that I can barely survive without rice. Although, in the context of these series of posts I’m blogging on, […]

Laos Part 2: Different lives

It was an early morning, but everyone seemed raring to go but I was not quite sure what to expect. After all, besides some information on the couple of families we would be meeting, all I knew was that we were visiting a World Vision seed area – which basically means that they have identified […]

Laos Part 1: Driving on the right side

“We are driving on the right side of the road. “Woah.” That was the first thought that hit me as Thongvience, the man who would drive us around for the next five days, set off from Wattay Airport in Vientiane for Tha Khek. Our flight from LCCT got delayed but it wasn’t too bad. It was strange […]

Sabaidee from Laos

It’s day six of my trip here and I’m alone right now. Which is not the most amazing feeling considering I’ve spent the past few days with a bunch of truly amazing people – even if we were spending 24/7 together. But I’m spending money I shouldn’t on Beer Lao just to use the Internet […]

Taking flight - Hi Laos!

A few days ago, I posted a message here asking people for some tips on my Laos trip. Thanks for the replies I got on here, and some to my email and Facebook. Well, folks, today’s the day. Barely got any sleep last night trying to finish up my work but I’m up anyway, and […]

Laos, here I come!

It’s still a few days away but I’m starting to get a bit excited over my trip to Laos. I leave for Vientienne next Tuesday for nine days, both for work and pleasure. I’ll be heading there with World Vision, to see a new area and community they are developing. Coming along the trip is […]

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