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Off to Jakarta!

Good morning, folks! It’s almost 4am  here and I am getting ready to head to the airport in a while to fly to Jakarta. It’s ironic that I struggled to wake up at 3ish, when I normally have little trouble staying up past that time!

The Bangsar Boy: Contest galore

This week in The Bangsar Boy, I talked about competitions. I wrote about my sister’s obsession with them, and my lack of enthusiasm for contests in general. But there’s really not much to talk about the subject that isn’t already in the article so check it out here.

Last night in South Africa

Well, technically, I didn’t even post anything about the first night but Internet is really expensive here, not to mention slow, so I had to refrain. Besides, I was in the national park for the past three days so I didn’t even have Internet access!

Journey to the airport

So, I was in KLIA today (well, yesterday since it’s technically past midnight). I was walking around with NicoleKiss, who is on the trip with me, when I noticed the entrance to the Rainforest area in the satellite terminal.

Let's talk about love

I am in Penang at the moment for the first BRATs workshop of the year. Today, as we were walking around the streets of Georgetown, we came by the sight above that really touched me.

A Wicked day in London

It’s technically day three in London for the Project Alpha crew as Jojo, Wendy, Mike and I explore more of London. We planned to have an early start but the moment we walked out of the hotel, we all ran back in because it was so bloody cold (or as XiaXue would say, “So mad […]

Yum$ in London

Hello again from London! It’s just past 9.30am here and we’re just doing a bit of a shoot at the club lounge of the hotel again before we head out to a few different tourist spots to shoot on Day 3 of our trip!

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