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Return to Paris, France

Since I usually take forever to write blog posts on my trips, I thought I’d get this over and done with. After all, it also coincides with my article in The Bangsar Boy last weekend where I talked about what I think of French people (in general).

Thinking of Jakarta

Here’s another post from my now-not-so-recent trip to Jakarta.  I know I usually update my Monday posts with a video, but, er, I thought I’d write this post instead.

Tuesdays with Niki: London, baby!

Howdy folks, I’m back! I’m sorry that I haven’t updated much since that last post while I was still in Poland. But I’m back now, and I think over my jet-lag, so I thought I’d get back to my blogging habits as well! Thanks to those of you who have been coming back to check […]

Greetings from Warsaw, Poland

Hello from Poland! It’s 6.13am in Malaysia at the moment, just past midnight here and I’ve just come back from dinner a while ago in Warsaw where I will stay for the next eight days for work. I am here to cover Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2010, there is a Malaysian team contesting.

Antara Bandung dan Jakarta

I’m about to fly off again for yet another trip (for work and then later pleasure), and I’ve just realised that I haven’t posted a lot of updates from my trips this year. I suspect I’ll have to take the rest of the year to get through all of them … so here’s one from […]

Revisiting South Africa

I just realised that I didn’t exactly do much blogging about my trip to South Africa in March/April (actually, virtually none!). Well, I was working on this yesterday during the first game of World Cup 2010 where South Africa (RSA) and Mexico (Mex) drew 1-1 to kind of coincide with the kick-off. Unfortunately, I got […]

First visit to Kuching!

Hey folks! I’m in Kuching, the city of cats … er, in Sarawak, Bumi Kenyalang for the first time. Well, kinda. I’ve been here once before in 1996 but it was just a stopover from a visit to KK. I was just in the airport the whole time, so I guess it doesn’t count.

Update from Jakarta

So, I’m a bit more relaxed now after a nice shower so I thought I’d post a short update from Jakarta while watching the American Idol results show (although I already know the results – yay for the winner!) and waiting for dinner time with Joe, Nicole, Hanis, Thomas and Isabelle.

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