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The Monument

It’s been exactly a week since I landed from my one-month break, the longest I’ve ever taken.

Michaelangelo's David - finally!

In 1997, my sister and I ran around The Louvre in Paris in the short time we had looking for Michaelangelo’s masterpiece called David. We couldn’t find it. Finally, we went up to the information counter to ask for it and the lady looked at us blankly, unsure of what we were on about. After […]

Easter weekend in Berlin

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you would know that one of my biggest enjoyments in life is travelling. I have always made it a plan to travel whenever I can. I think this is something I picked up from my parents, who took us on trips all the time since me […]

Back in my kampung, Perth - 2011

Thanks to Adrian for this shot of me pretending to be part of the train levers at the Perth Train Station. In case you haven’t noticed from my tweets, I am back in Western Australia for the first time since 2008. Perth has always been a really special place to be because I lived here […]

New York, New York (yes, I'm back)

The last time I was in New York was in 2007. I was there for work and terribly excited. Being such a fan of the musicals, I always wanted to visit Broadway. And see the Statue of Liberty. And hang out in all the museums. And walk down Wall Street. And immerse myself in Times […]

[ADV] One direct ticket to Kiwi land

The last time I went to New Zealand was in 2004. It was the second time I had visited the country – the first was in 1997 when my sister graduated from Auckland Institute of Technology (now a University). In fact, if fate didn’t change its course, I would have ended up studying in Auckland […]

Greetings from Egypt, Habibi

Hello Habibi, or my love … Greetings from Egypt! Yup, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m traveling again and this time, it’s for work following the contest winners of Nestle Drumstick’s Roadtrip to Egypt competition.

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