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Facebook is the new porn

Who would have thought? Reuters has reported that a “web guru” has analysed information for over 10 million web users and found that social networking sites are dethroning pornography as the most popular online “activity”. The article quotes the author, Bill Tancer, from his book Click: What Millions of People are Doing Online and Why […]

Malaysia Today to be reinstated

Just got a message from The Star’s SMS News Alert stating that the Cabinet has instructed for Malaysia Today (link might not work until it is reinstated, btw), among other blocked websites, to be reinstated. It reads: Cabinet has ordered SKMM to reinstate access to all blocked websites including Malaysia Today, says Energy, Water and […]

Mobile Number Portability is here!

“Hey, what’s your phone number?” “It’s 012 *** ****” “Oh, you’re with Maxis!” “Er, no.” How is that conversation possible? Well, with the new Mobile Number Portability, which allows mobile users in Malaysia to start switching mobile networks but still keeping their same number – prefix included. The Star reports that you can start applying […]

LA Earthquake news: Twitter reigns supreme

Media convergence is well and alive. I just read this story on CNET (well, it was headlined on Yahoo! News) about how a woman Twitter-ed her first earthquake experience, from her gynecologist’s office. The article quotes Verdell Wilson as saying: “As soon as I got dressed, I twittered my experience from my cell phone,” Wilson […]

Facebook's new look

Busy as hell today but just found out about Facebook’s new look and I’m excited! I love it, I love it, I love it! I couldn’t find anywhere on the social community site about when the new look is going to be launched, but ReadWriteWeb claims that it will be on Monday evening (which means […]

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