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Everyone Connects and Through My Window is a TM campaign

Funnily enough, there wasn’t much hype about Through My Window today. After all, it is the day that the people behind Everyone Connects ( and the mystery song Through My Window have promised to “unveil the long-awaited mystery”. But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. Here’s a brief background to those of you who […]

Malaysia's The Edge website hacked

Oh wow, I don’t know what you think but I think this is pretty big. The website of The Edge, a financial weekly, has been hacked by, presumably, an Indonesian hacker (or group – they signed of as Tecon). I say this because of what the site read, based on a Twitpic by @brandconsultant sent […]

Datin Seri Rosmah feeling in the pink

So, the big news of the day was of course the launching of the very pink website of our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor. Now, there has been naturally some criticism. Among those I heard are: 1. It’s too pink. Okay lah, I don’t really like the colour […]

Let's start Poken

I came home from tech run for Short+Sweet earlier this afternoon to find a box on my table. I was immediately excited’cos I knew exactly what it was. Ladies and gentlemen, the latest huge amount that I added on my credit card: POKEN! No, don’t worry, they’re not all mine. I already have one and […]

Twitter breaks news of Jaya Supermarket collapse

Well, it was bound to happen again. And it won’t be the last time. I don’t have concrete evidence but I do believe that Twitter broke the news of the collapse of Jaya Supermarket in Section 14, in Petaling Jaya. The first Tweets I saw were from @nutgraph followed by a retweet of a newsflash […]

McDonald's need better PR

Update: So apparently, and I’m saying apparently because it’s so easy to deny, McDonald’s have claimed that the Twitter account is not associated with them. @limyh, smart bloke that one, decided to find out by leaving a Facebook wall post for McDonald’s Malaysia to find out if they are on Twitter yet. The reply? “Hi […]

The day Twitter hits mainstream Malaysia

I wouldn’t be so bold to claim that I am personally responsible for my headline above (and what it suggest in terms of the impact my article has on the Malaysian social network sphere). I am, however, deeply humbled by Tweets from David Lian (@davidlian) and David Wang (@blogjunkie) using those kind words. Today, I […]

Chain emails: Web of deception

I received an email two days ago that, to be honest, pissed me off a little. The subject line was: Fwd: This Picture Made It To the Pages of India Times but not in our own papers! Well, first of all, this is not true. Anyone who had read the papers a few weeks ago […]

New layout for YouTube

You guys probably got it by now that this was an April Fools joke. I have captured a shot of the screen in case YouTube reverts the pages back to normal. What YouTube thought would be funny was to turn all the pages upside down (text, videos et al) short for one line that reads, […]

I do not use a Twitter ghostwriter

Those of you who have been keeping tabs with social media would be really familiar with Twitter. I am totally hooked on it now, although I have been Tweeting since mid-last year. Today, the Internet and Twitterverse have been buzzing about some personalities using ghostwriters to maintain their Twitter accounts. Posts that I have read […]

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