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New boyband in town: We Promise You?

So, apparently flattery will get you anywhere. Or in my case, a mention on my blog. Haha! Picture taken from roadsidepictures from Flickr under the Creative Commons Code. So, today I came across this website belonging to a new “boyband” in town with a great love for music (they love it so much that they’d […]

Fahmi Fadzil, Blu Inc and defamation

As I sit here typing this, my Twitter timeline is flooded with tweets using the #defahmi hashtag (a brilliant one, I might add!). I have been trying to write this blog post for the last hour, but it’s so interesting monitoring people’s thoughts and opinions on it. Taken from _DaniloRamos on Flickr under Creative Commons […]

Ho hum … Twitter breaks the news again

So, Twitter beat traditional media again when a user broke news about the death of Osama bin Laden. If you have been closely following the stories since the incident on Sunday/Monday (depending on which part of the world you are in), you would have come across several stories about this. Picture taken from rommyghaly on […]

Malaysia - all your info are belong to Zuck

Update: So, apparently Facebook Places hasn’t been rolled out in Malaysia. After getting complains from many people that they still can’t access it, I started asking around. According to my #LOLshow buddy David Wang, only Celcom users are able to check in because their’s is somehow recognised as a Singapore line (I don’t know the […]

#LOLshow Episode 7: Lalalala

Another week, another episode of the Life Online Show, Malaysia’s newest (I think) podcast on social media and all things on the web. This week, David Wang was unable to join us so it’s just John Lim, David Lian and myself.

#LOLshow Episode 6: Water cooler talk

I’m off to Kuching today to give a talk on Social media for SMEs but since I haven’t blogged in a couple of days (I’m doing three talks this week so quite busy preparing for those), I thought I’d just plug my usual weekly episode of Life On Line Show, this week featuring John Lim, […]

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