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What to expect from Short+Sweet Malaysia Theatre tonight

Update: Opening night last night went well. Had some friends there supporting, so it was always good. There were many technical problems with my first piece in terms of lighting and sound cues but I thought the second piece went rather well. Hopefully the judges, and audience, felt the same way. On another note, I […]

Perth on my mind

Somedays, I would suddenly feel like I miss Perth alot. I spent a good two years-odd there completing my two degrees. Lots of fond memories. Some of you might remember my post from February about my first visit back to Western Australia in almost four years. Yesterday, I got the feeling again – because I […]

Stranded at The Curve with only my laptop

If I ever, EVER, complain about technology, just slap me. It’s 3.09am in the morning right now and I’m sitting on a pavement outside Royale Bintang at Mutiara Damansara. Why? Well, I lost my car keys – and my mobile phone battery is dead. I was with some colleagues at Red Box as a farewell […]

Alamak! It's coming to Astro soon

A few months ago, I did a shoot for a TV series called Alamak! that I had a small role in. It’s a Bahasa Malaysia-ish comedy skit-like show, reminiscent of Jangan Ketawa. Well, I haven’t said much about it because there hasn’t been much to say. The show was due to air in May on […]

From The Page And Onto The Floor: Shakespeare Workshop

If you guys have (and I’m trying to be very the perasan here) been wondering what I’ve been so busy with, I’m currently participating in a Shakespeare for Theatre workshop and have been for the past couple of weeks. I blogged about it here, excusing myself from more frequent updates on this blog. From The […]

My first 4k run

Well, first in five months, that is. My last one was the Terry Fox Run where I only did 3k and my knees were throbbing like there’s not tomorrow. Those of you following my Facebook or Twitter updates would have noticed my many mentions of physiotherapy. It’s nothing serious – just a slight problem with […]

I heart my Moleskine Helvetica

Look what I got my hands on? Aren’t they pretty? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the Moleskine Helvetica. I have one of each colour (as you can see) of these limited edition Moleskine notebooks (only 500 copies in its Asia release). For those of you not familiar, its website describes Moleskine as: Moleskine was […]

No power in Bangsar

Well, I am sitting here at Starbucks in Jalan Telawi 3 in Bangsar Baru because there is no power in my house. This is one of the worse we’ve experienced in a while – usually its just a row or two. But at about 9ish, the power went off in the whole neighbourhood. I took […]

Can't wait for iPhone 3.0!

Update (8.51am – March 18) My bad. So it wasn’t the launching of the iPhone 3.0 firmware, just an “iPhone event” where they announced what was to expect. Good to hear that cut, copy and paste will soon be introduced as well as MMS (provided you’re on the 3G phone, which I am not … […]

Niki has a big red nose (for Red Nose Day)

Do something for money, the campaign asks. I did. I put a red nose on my pic. I look ridiculous but it’s for a good cause and it only cost me £1. How do you like it? 😛 I remember the first time I discovered Red Nose Day. These were in my teenage days (*gasp* […]

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