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Rise of the iPhone-ix

Yes, my original iPhone 2G that my parents brought back from New York for me back in October 2007 has been laid to rest. It was a long time coming – it has crashed twice on me, cleared all my data once (thank God for backup) and the battery has been dying on me every […]

My online belated birthday gifts

So I came back from rehearsals last night only to see that Sharmila (or @sharmilanair) had posted something on my Facebook wall, and a few friends had clicked on “Like” for it. At first, I thought it was just some photos Sharm, who works on the same team as me, had uploaded. She’s been trigger […]

I am not The Swimming Instructor

I have, in the past, made references to my rehearsals. It is also the reason why I am probably going to miss (actually, it’s almost a certainty but I am keeping my finger’s crossed) the premier of Michael Jackson’s This Is It tomorrow and turning down invitations to one event or another. This is a […]

Road to Singapore

I do have this strange liking for Singapore, even though I don’t think I could ever live there permanently. It’s really hard to explain. On one hand, I dislike how everything seems so, umm, sterile, but then there is also this sense of adventure whenever I am there. It’s not that I’m totally unfamiliar with […]

Non-halal lunch at Yut Kee

This was a pretty random lunch. I had to head over to Campbell complex to get somethig done (you’ll find out next week!). Then someone, who I shall name later, suggested we have lunch at Yut Kee, which is not too far away. As we were driving there, she asked me if I’ve ever been […]

I was featured in KLue magazine last month

Well, I thought that since it’s already October – and that the September copies of KLue are no longer on shelves – that I can finally blog about this without being too syiok sendiri (and so you guys can’t go out and buy copies to use it against me in the future). I received a […]

Why I'm not at the Black Eyed Peas concert

pluggedin: Received two slices of cakes on my desk a while ago. I didn’t know what they were so when my colleagues called me to ask if they could have it, I said: “Go ahead”. Came back and saw a note attached to it saying that it’s a home-based bakery business and wanted to see […]

Vote 1 Niki for Ultimate Mr World Twitter

I’ve not blogged about this before because I think it’s quite embarassing and shameless to ask people to vote for you. Then I thought, what the heck, so here is a post anyway almost 24 hours before the end time. A few months ago, I got a Tweet from Trecia that I had been nominated […]

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