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My Project Alpha Shoot!

Last Friday was the allocated day for my Project Alpha shoot. It was originally planned to be a full day shoot – first at my home, then at the office and to another location to meet my special guest.

Part two of The Year That Was - My 2009

I meant to include all 12 months in one post, but if you had seen Part 1 of My 2009 – The Year That Was, you’d have noticed that it was imposible. Well, not impossible per se but it took a lot of time and well, it’s also a lot for you to read.

My 2009 - The Year That Was

I am known for my punctuality *cough* This would explain why I am only posting this list up today, on Jan 3. But I guess it’s still new year-ish, and therefore still appropriate for me to reflect back on 2009.

Half a thumbs up for Malaysian police

If you guys know me well, and some of you do (hi mum, hi dad!), you know that I am often not so kind to the authorities. It’s not that I purposely find trouble, I guess I just speak my mind at times when I get frustrated and upset over some incidences or events. So […]

My very own sampin and first songkok ever!

So last night, after the cast part for The Swimming Instructor, Davina and I rushed over to JW Mariott in Bukit Bintang for Azmir Abdullah and Nurul Jannah’s wedding reception. I thought it was quite spectacular, the decoration was beautiful and the bride and groom were both radiant. It was a great chance to meet […]

I, August Man

Recognise any of the faces above? I’m sure you do. Hello? Henry Golding, Hans Isaac, Casmad Sanuri, Afdlin Shauki, Joe Flizzow, Ragunath Kesavan, Sazali Samad, Bob Chua, Niki Cheong, Ivan Lam … Waitaminute? Niki Cheong? Yup! Well folks, I am indeed very honoured, and privileged to share the cover of the brilliant mag August Man […]

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