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University assignments - lessons from the past fortnight

I thought the picture above best represented this post because it was basically what I’ve had to eat for the past couple of weeks (lunch and dinner) asI spent an average of 12 hours a day at the university trying to complete two assignments that were due yesterday and today respectively. This would also explain […]

Little Sable Lighthouse

Turning point - Paying it forward

My mother sent me an email a couple of weeks ago. She wrote nothing in the email, but attached a link to a YouTube video titled Turning Point, a story about a lighthouse watcher who willed some of his most prized possessions to people who didn’t even know who he was. I only watched the video today […]

Looking back - My 2011

At the end of 2010, I was interviewed by a magazine for its Leading Men of 2010 editorial and was asked what 2011 held for me. My reply was that it would be a year of learning. By then, I had known that I would be heading for Singapore where I would spend three months […]

iPhone 4S unboxing 17-10-11

My iPhone 4S unboxing video

I recorded this video over a month back on the day I got my new phone, but didn’t have the time to edit it. But since everyone on my Twitter feed from back in Malaysia have been talking about it for the past few days (I believe the 4S will be released this week in […]

London Boy, Birthday Boy, Bangsar Boy

Last year, I rushed over from my trip to France on Sept 22 for the dinner below at Belgo’s in London to celebrate my birthday. Tonight, these same bunch of people plus a few others, will come together again to celebrate with me as I turn 32. It was during this dinner that the seed […]

Arriving at King's College, London

One of the first sights I saw in London yesterday after arriving was this crest at the Strand entrance to King’s College London. I went to the uni just hours after landing in Heathrow yesterday because my enrollment slot was at 12pm. But it was a good way to keep me awake as well and helped me […]

Today, I am officially jobless.

As of yesterday, the desk that I have been sitting at in Menara Star looks emptier than this. And as of today, I am officially jobless. Some of you may have heard (it’s not really a secret anyway) that I have resigned from The Star after spending over six years with the company. Yesterday was […]

I am a Sarong Party Boy

My friend Karen took this picture of Zain teaching me how to wear a sarong. I had joined the two of them and Juana at Zain’s house a few days ago to just lepak. When I walked in, I saw that all three of them were sarong-fied and was told that I had to join […]

Corner of the Earth

In September last year, I had a wish, and made a decision. Picture taken from track24 on Flickr under Creative Commons. A few days later, I came across this song (I don’t remember how). It probably wasn’t Jay Kay or Jamiroquai’s intention but I interpreted the words below in a way that worked for me: […]

My new MacBook Pro: The unboxing video

So, here’s a quick video before I head to the university. If you guys are following me on Twitter, you’ll know how badly I’ved always wanted on of these babies (or at least how often I talk about it!). I finally got this on Saturday! Watch the video 😀 Beautiful eh? p/s Please subscribe to […]

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