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Niki Cheong turns 30: The Pictures!

In case you were wondering, no, I wasn’t timing this post to coincide with my actual birthday. I had a party at Urbanattic in Cap Square on Friday for a couple of reasons: 1. My actual birthday is a weekday and 2. Saturday was the eve of Hari Raya. I’m glad I did because I […]

Meme: Save Yvonne's Sight

The joke, of course, that a meme is about “me! me!”. Well, this one isn’t. While it is pretty common that meme’s are about oneself – you know, the kind where there are general questions and you answer it, except for the last one asking, “Which of your friends will reply to this or not […]

Why i

I love Twitter. Just a few minutes ago, I read a Tweet from American rock star (in my eyes at least) Ryan Star (how apt!) which linked to a video of him performing We Might Fall to his grandparents. Look how proud his grandma looks, sitting there listening to him! I thought it was just […]

A tribute to Zee Avi

I received an email to this yesterday from a proud mother (okay lah, she was pretending to be selamba). I thought it was really cute, so I’d share it with you. This is a tribute to Zee Avi, and features the very funny song Kantoi! In case you didn’t know, Zee Avi is a Malaysian […]

The politics of enticing (or poor Daphne Iking)

I woke up to see a nice picture of model and TV host Daphne Iking on the front page of The Star yesterday looking like the beauty she is. Unfortunately, the blurb text below it was not quite as sweet. The headline in page three of the paper, which was under this massive quarter page […]

Singapore drag queen Kumar is hilarious!

I first watched Kumar perform many years ago at Haw Par Villa in Singapore. I don’t remember him specifically but my dad swears that he, together with Joanne Kam Poh Poh, were the actors. It was one of those educational skits about Heaven and Earth I think, and each of them played a weather element. […]

One loss, one year after Laos

R.I.P. A year ago, in June, I was given the chance of a lifetime to visit the rural areas of Laos with international humanitarian organisations World Vision to look at the poverty in an area they were hoping to develop. I blogged about it here. While I was there, we visited many families. One of […]

RIP Yasmin Ahmad

What a way to sober up. I was at the Hennessey Artistry event at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena when I saw a tweet by Sazzy Falak sending her condolences to the family of Yasmin Ahmad. Now, considering the incident a couple of days ago when Yasmin’s passing out was interprested as “passing on”, I wanted […]

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