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Questions for Khairy Jamaluddin

Those of you who read R.AGE, the youth platform of The Star which I work with, might have noticed our little announcement about Khairy Jamaluddin in the papers last week. The R.AGE team will be meeting with KJ, as he is fondly known, later this week to ask him questions (set by you!).

Tuesdays with Niki: Birthday Boys

Happy Birthday, Dad! Since my dad is the only family member of mine who consistently visits my blog (he never says he does but he always knows what’s on it!), he gets a birthday wish from me on here. Today is his birthday and we had dinner last night with mum and my brother-in-law Rizal.

Anderson Cooper saves a kid in Haiti

Many years ago, I was sitting in a classroom at Curtin University in Australia and there was a big debate going on among the students. The unit was Media Ethics and we were asked to discuss the following scenario (I’m rephrasing, obviously):

Tuesdays with Niki: A friend from Hong Kong

Yes, to all you doubters out there, Tuesdays with Niki is still going strong! Three weeks in and we’re back on Tuesday (some of you who read my blog last Wednesday would remember that I had dinner with friends on Monday instead). This time round, my friend was Linfield who lives in Hong Kong. I […]

Tuesdays with Niki: Three gal pals

Those of you who read my blog last week would have noticed that I introduced a new project in my life called Tuesdays with Niki. You can read the post here but essentially, I am making plans to spend each Tuesday with a different person as part of my resolution to spend more times with […]

Tuesdays with Niki: Dinner with friends

This is my friend Veena (she’s a doctor – oooohhhh). We met just about six months ago when we were both in Bali, Indonesia, for the International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP). Until tonight, we had probably spent more time together in Bali than in KL.

RIP Brittany Murphy

RIP Brittany Murphy (1977 – 2009) Update: MSNBC reports that Brittany may have died of natural causes, according to the Los Angeles’ coroner’s office. An autopsy is being scheduled to confirm the cause of her death. Hopefully this will stop rumours that her death was caused by drug overdose, as so-called gossip queen (try sower […]

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