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The Sartorialist - The man behind the lens

I have always been a massive fan of The Sartorialist. Actually, I’ve always wanted to be one of his subject. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s ever been to KL! That said, I’m probably not chic enough for his website. I often say that I want to dress like some of the people on his site […]

Video: Craig Morgan, YouTube sensation

I’m writing this post quite a few days in advance, because as you probably know by now, I’m eating sand in Egypt! But I thought I’d schedule this post so you guys still get your regular Monday videos from me to hopefully make the day easier to ease into!


I have just recently finished reading the autobiography of tennis hero Andre Agassi – my favourite tennis player ever – although the book have been on the shelves since last year. I found the book to be both sad and inspiring – I’ve read many things in the past about his life, but rarely in […]

Tuesdays with Niki: Hello Grace!

Yes, the Tuesdays with Niki saga continues. I’m sure by now you’ve realised that it’s not going to be a weekly affair but I try to make it happen as much as possible. My dinner with Grace was scheduled for a Tuesday a couple of months ago but one of us couldn’t make it, and […]

In defence of Justin "German" Bieber

First I have to declare that I don’t really see the big deal with Justin Bieber. Yes, he’s young. Yes, he’s cute. Yes, he can – er – sing. But to almost achieve cult status. Come on! I’m not a elitist when it comes to music but … Anyway, I just attribute it to different […]

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