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Martell VSOP Rising Personality of 2008

So, I spent the night with some friends (left work early, will suffer tomorrow – or rather, today) at the Martell Personality of the Year event held at KLpac. Elaine, who was also there as JP‘s guest (and one of four celebrity models for the auction segment), texted me earlier and said that the organisers […]

RIP Sydney Pollack

Got an SMS Alert from The Star this morning: “Oscar-winning director Sydney Pollack, of Tootsie and Out of Africa fame, dies of cancer at age 73.” Yahoo! headlined this AP story. I don’t know much about his work but I think I first heard about him when Tom Cruise starred in The Firm. Later, just […]

I want to be a Billionaire too!

Just a quick note before I get on with my post. Am in Penang for a few days to run The Star’s BRATs programme. Access to the net isn’t a problem, but not sure if I can find the time. Will try though but just wanted to give the two people (hi mum, hi dad) […]

Tun M quits UMNO

Update: Also from The Star News Alert: “Umno veteran and former Kedah Menteri Besar Sanusi Junid also said he has quit Umno, will release official statement later” Oh, oh. A new political tsunami? I think all it will take is one current MP or even more significant, Cabinet member, to resign and all hell might […]

Penny Wong, gay Parliamentarian

Well, who would’ve thought? When I first read the news about Australian Minister of Water and Climate Change Penny Wong, it was in The Star celebrating the fact that the 40-year-old Senator is Malaysian-born. Her full name is Penelope Wong Ying Yen, and she was born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (She left the country with […]

Glory glory Man United!

Woot! I tried to stay up to catch it, watched a bit then found myself failing so didn’t watch the game. Read the Yahoo! play by play thingy this morning though – how exciting! And Paul Scholes’ goal – woah! That’s vintage Scholesey! BRING ON CHELSEA OR LIVERPOOL!

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