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Rest In Peace, dear Ku Poh Nona

I woke up early this Sunday morning to a rude shock. Mum had dropped me a Whatsapp message saying that Ku Poh had passed away earlier in the day (while I was sleeping over here). Although she had been ill for the past few weeks, the news caught me by surprise. There is only one […]

Laughing till you cry

A couple of months ago, I shared a YouTube video of Anderson Cooper on Twitter. I loved the video because it showed a real human side to Anderson, who is one of my favourite TV personalities of all time. Taken from on Flickr under the Creative Common License. What I really like about him […]

Oh snap! It's Sunday brunch

I’m not a great photographer but I like taking photos (and, in case you haven’t noticed, being in them). Over the years, I have attempted various experiments to either showcase them, or to highlight them (even in a personal capacity) but it never worked out. I had signed up for Photojojo but didn’t upload pictures […]

Search for the Afghan Girl documentary

I don’t watch much TV anymore these days. Actually, it’s been a few years. The times I do sit down is to watch American Idol and tennis grand slam tournaments with my dad. I guess because of the time factor, it’s hard to keep up with scheduled TV and I make up for it by […]

My Singapore taxi and skyline ride adventure

Okay, so maybe I’m reading too much into this incident but I just wanted to share an experience from yesterday. I was assigned to cover the Far East Movement gig at Wave House in Sentosa Island by my boss back in KL so I took a cab to the venue. I have not been back […]

Kuah JenHan is Syria-sly funny

Okay, fine, so my play on words with the headline for this blogpost isn’t THAT funny. But I was just going with the funniest thing I saw online today. Local comedian Kuah JenHan posted this on Twitter: Look at this puntastic thread. Tell me, is this a win or no win? At the end of […]

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