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Yasmin Ahmad's Have You Flown AirAsia Lately?

See, once I get started on posting YouTube videos here, I can’t stop. My friend Su Ann (or PinkPau, to bloggers) posted this on Plurk and Twitter and I just had to share it! It’s sooooo cute. Well, the little kid is anyway. But the concept behind it is really nice too 😀 1.15pm Malaysian […]

New Eminem video: We Made You

I loves it! I loves it! It’s his first single in five years. FIVE years!!!!! And hence, I cannot resist sharing it with you. Sorry folks, it’s the dirty version (is there EVER a clean version of anything from Eminem anyway?). You have been warned. I don’t care what everyone thinks or says. Eminem is […]

Let go of it, you Jacker!

It’s been a long weekend (and the week before too!) so am pretty knackered. But thought I’d share this today. Context: Remember about two weeks ago when I was in Malacca for The Star BRATs programme? Well, we drove past this sign many times and always have a laugh. Why? Look at the picture below […]

Flight attendant can rap, yo

Good morning folks. Thought I’d kick off the day sharing this little video I found last night on the blog of Ryan Seacrest (yes, Mr. “Seacrest Out!” himself”) via his Twitter account (yup, it’s not just geeks like me who Tweet, celebs do too!). Apparently, videos of David Holmes, a 40-year-old Southwest airline crew member, […]

Celcom stealing Maxis' thunder?

I swear you can’t make these things out. So much so that I had to create a new post for it. If you read my previous post about Maxis launching the “new” iPhone 3G in Malaysia, I credit the Twitterverse for informing me about the release. Well, apparently, the local Tweeps were enough to set […]

Cool video: Friendly Fires' Skeleton Boy

A cousin of mine posted this video link up on Facebook. I’ve never heard of the band before, but the song is really good, I thought. I enjoy these dance-y tracks anyway. But what blew my mind away is the video. It’s creative and fun, and I think, appropriate for a lazy Sunday, so I […]

God save the Queen, er, America?

I was watching the We Are One inauguration concert for the next President of the United States, when the song My Country, ‘Tis of Thee was sung. Except, umm, it sounded extremely similar to God Save The Queen. And guess what? It was the same tune! So, being the curious journalist I am, I did […]

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