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Three's a crowd?

I really don’t mean to be rude or offensive, but I wonder what this sign could suggest? Me and Nicolas were at Trader’s Hotel Kuala Lumpur (not implying that their designers has a dirty a mind as mine, by the way) to celebrate my birthday last month when we both stopped in our tracks when […]

Waiting for service at a fast food outlet

I don’t really want to mention the name of the fast food outlet. After all, I think the picture above says it all! A few weeks ago, Zain and I were hanging out and we decided that we wanted to grab some Burger King (oops). Since we were already parked at Central Market for Arts […]

Sex followed by darling equals love?

I was having supper with a friend at Alexis Bangsar when we saw this “structure” of papers with words on them hanging from the ceiling above one of the tables. The last time I saw it was after performing in From The Stage and Onto The Floor, and having a beer with my cast mates […]

Patrick Hughes's Signs - Love without talking

I woke up this morning to a lovely video that I saw on a friend’s Facebook profile. It was titled Love Without Talking. The short film is actually called Signs and directed by Australia Patrick Hughes. I hope you enjoy it – it sure put me in a great mood for the week (despite having […]

The Earth Day Special 1990

Happy World Environment Day folks. Considering there was so little hype about it this year (are we over the greenies phase already?), I thought I’d share with you these few videos (okay, just one but I’ll give you the links to the rest). These videos are from The Earth Day Special in 1990, to commemorate […]

Sound of Music hits Belgium

Remember my post two days about about how a gathering with my colleagues got us talking about music from when we were kids? Well, what I didn’t mention then as well was that we were at Alexis Bangsar that night and our session ended up with us singing to music from The Sound of Music. […]

Rediscovering the Spice Girl's Scary Spice

I had a good time tonight. We were having our annual desk dinner (where the whole team goes out for a meal together) which was also a farewell of sorts for one of our colleagues. Among the few drinks we had – okay, not that many – we got to talking (okay, singing) about old […]

Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle duets

Well, only in the world of Super News. But I promise you guys pictures from Hong Kong but I haven’t yet gotten to it. Sorry! So I thought I’d share this video that I watched last night. Probably not as funny as my previous post but it stars Glambert and Glammed-up Boyle! Wahey! 6.56pm Malaysian […]

Try saying "Aiyo, so funny" instead of "This is f__ing hilarious"

Just a little mid-day joke to break the Monday monotony. Recieved this as an email. I suppose shouldn’t be a problem reproducing it here since it’s been sent to hundreds and thousands of emails? Dear Employees: It has been brought to management’s attention that some individuals throughout the company have been using foul language during […]

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