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Malaysia At Random

I love reading books but unfortunately, I don’t have time for many of them. What I tend to do is to read chapter by chapter whenever I find the time but this really means that I take forever to finish a book.

We Are The World 25 for Haiti

I just saw this video on YouTube and I really wanted to share it with you. A couple of weeks ago, before my trip, I blogged about Simon Cowell’s Everybody Hurts for Haiti single release that featured Mariah Carey, Susan Boyle and Kylie Minogue.

Malaysian babies bathed in beer?

So, it’s just after working hours and Twitter is abuzz (well, ish) in reaction to this tweet by @omgfacts: @omgfacts claim to be “The OFFICIAL fact source of twitter. Posting pointless but amazing facts since Sept 27th, 2009.” Of course, they rarely, if ever, credit their source.

Christopher Walken vs Lady Gaga: Poker Face

I was on Twitter last night when I came across a RT from my friend Michelle. It was a link to a YouTube video of actor extraordinaire Christopher Walken’s rendition of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. This was shot for Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’ Halloween Special on BBC1. That video is a classic. Walken is […]

Post-It Love (or Good Sunday everyone!)

Morning folks. I’m having an easy morning before heading out today. The sky’s not so blue but the sun is out and I thought I’d share this lovely clip I found on Facebook this morning with you guys. It reminds me of the short film called Signs, directed by Patrick Hughes, which I shared on […]

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