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iWant, iGot, iPad

Okay, if you’ve been following my Twitter stream, you will know that this is no longer new news. Although, technically, it’s only been less than five days since I got myself an iPad! Wahey!

Father's Day lunch with the family

I don’t often share such personal photos of my family on the blog because I think they are quite private people. Not that it really makes a difference, considering I tell their stories every fortnight – some with lots of details – in my The Bangsar Boy column.

Nike Music Shoe, flexing the Nike Free

Brand new week and I thought I’d share this rather cool video I found via Guy Kawasaki’s Twitter account yesterday, an ad by Nike to promote it’s Nike Free Run+ Shoes. It’s a music collaboration between W+K Tokyo, GROUNDRIDDIM and Rhizomatiks, and performed by HIFANA.

My new Canon S90

Those of you following me on Twitter would have seen this already. I have a new toy! Yes, yes, maybe I’m showing off but if you spent the kind of money I did on something like this, you’d be talking about it too!

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