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Time to bond with the maid

I’ve been very privileged to have had a lot of domestic help in the house over the years. In this sense, I grew up with many maids – Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Indonesian. Naturally, I liked some more than others, but in general, I got along with most of them.

Violence is not the solution to any problem

Update (10am): Just heard that a molotov cocktail was also thrown into Assumption Church in PJ. The Malaysian Insider has reported it. But in light of this, I wanted to share with you this tweet from another colleague, Sashi: “Condemn the act, don’t retaliate” and this one by my friend Davina: “In violence, we forget […]

Yeo Joon Han wants you to make Muallaf a Sell-Out

I guess it is a little morbid that I would end the new year with a post about the film by someone who has passed away. But Yasmin Ahmad’s personality has always been very positive (even if she could be blunt and tell you off immediately at times), that I guess it’s okay. The thing […]

Where did Malaysians learn to be so biadap?

The Malaysia I remember growing up in was filled with people who are nice and polite. In school, we learn how to talk to people nicely. We learn how to not point with our fingers and instead use our thumbs. We learn to respect our elders. We learn to put our hand out and stoop […]

Thinking of HIV/AIDS on World AIDS Day

So, I am sitting here at 1.05am on Dec 2 thinking about how I missed my chance of blogging on World AIDS Day (which is commemorated every year on Dec 1). Then I gave myself a consolation prize: it’s still Dec 1 in some parts of the world. HIV/AIDS has been a cause very close […]

Sexing my ass ... mazel tov!

Sexing Sexing Sexing Sexing Sexing My Ass My Ass My Ass My Ass My Ass My Ass Mazel Tov Mazel Tov Mazel Tov Mazel Tov Mazel Tov Sorry if I offended anyone, I was just trying to get it out of my system. You see, it’s really strange for me to sit in my car, […]

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