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There was a missing child at Cheer 2011

Something occured at Cheer 2011 this year that I have never encountered before. A missing child was handed over to us amid the noise and screams that is normally associated with Cheer. And this time, when someone cried, it wasn’t a cheerleader who was upset that his/her team did not do as well as expected. […]

Singapore General Election: My thoughts

In his editorial for Today yesterday (yes, that was intentional), journalism stalwart PN Balji asks: “Moving on, what kind of a society do we want?” Balji was obviously writing about the Singapore General Elections – Singaporeans go to the polls today. I foudn that question interesting because from my experience having lived in Singapore for […]

Full disclosure, speed trap alert!

I just received an SMS alert from The Star which reads: Deputy IGP: No more hidden speed traps. In a bid to be more transparent, motorist will be warned about traps ahead. I immediately tweeted it out, adding my own reaction: Awesome! About time! Picture taken from zieak on Flickr under Creative Commons License. I […]

Bootcamp bullies: Lesson from the Princess Boy

Yesterday, my heart broke. I read tweets regarding the Terengganu State Education Department sending 66 boys – identified for being effeminate and having feminine tendencies – to a bootcamp “aimed at helping them behave in a proper manner”. Never mind the stereotypes and moral judgements that the authorities are imposing, I feel so sad for the boys […]

No love for Lady Gaga in Malaysia

I meant to blog about this a couple of weeks ago when I first came across a nice cover version of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way (at the bottom of this post) but I didn’t get the time to do it. Picture taken from Domain Barnyard from Flickr under the Creative Commons Code. Then last week […]

Going Gaga over the Born This Way video

I don’t really care if she’s a Madonna copycat as everyone is calling Lady Gaga, or if Born This Way was a rip off (I actually subscribe to the school of thought that it was the perfect tribute), but the message in the song is amazing – especially at a time like this when so […]

THe Valentine Horror Show

It was Valentine’s Day yesterday and I hadn’t made any plans in Singapore so I decided to stay in and catch the repeat of the Grammy Awards. Still, I couldn’t not celebrate the symbolic international day of love (gags), so i decided that I would spend some time with one of my many loves (yes, […]

Flashmob shows ugly side of humanity

I know I said I’m taking a break from blogging for a while but after coming across the video below, I really needed to share it. I have two reasons: 1. Because of how flashmobs were originated, we always assume that it needs to have mass group participation to be a success. The video below […]

Stop talking - just do it.

This is going to be a short post but I wanted to share with you a two things with the same message. This is a message that I feel very strongly about. Of late, I’ve been hearing strains of the same thought across the local social media sphere, and I hope that it really catches […]

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