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Buzz kill

Those of you who have been following the publicity for KL Freeze in Unison which happened two weekends ago would know that I have done nothing but rave about the event. I had written a post-event article for The Star, and later, in my column, spoke about my personal feelings towards such an event. I still stick to my opinions on that, despite what I am blogging about today.

If you click the above two links, I don’t have to explain what KL Freeze in Unison is all about.

Anyway, on Wednesday or Thursday, I received a phone call from Zain HD, the mastermind behind KL Freeze in Unison. He informed me that was going to organise its own freeze in conjunction with World Earth Day (which is tomorrow, April 22 btw) and wanted Zain and his team to help them organise it.

My first reaction, and I told this to Zain, was that it was too soon. For one, I don’t think the papers would have picked up the news anyway (my news sense wasn’t tingling either) but I promised to show up to support. After all, it’s to spread awareness on World Earth Day so what the heck.

I show up at 7.30pm at Sunway Pyramid and found many people who like me were wearing green. I wore a badge too which we sold at last years World Environment Day celebrations at FRIM.

The badge I wore

I’m not quite sure if it was just me, and that I had attended the first major Freeze event, but there was no excitement. While at the Lot 10 event everyone was wondering how the pieces of paper with instructions were going to be distributed, this time everybody just stood there waiting for it to be released. And because it was so widely publicised, there was no sense of mystery anymore, which took away the tension.

It was 10 minutes late, but the papers were eventually distributed. There were two locations, and I went to the one which seemed pretty crowded (but that’s also because it wasn’t a very big space). Everyone sat and mingled, laughed alot and took lots of pictures and then a countdown happened (this wasn’t a flash mob after all) and everyone froze.

I did too (but held my camera up so I could snap a few pictures – okay, so maybe my finger didn’t freeze). This is my favourite shot from the day.

My favourite shot from where I was standing

When it ended, everyone clapped and I left almost immediately. Contrary to early talk, I don’t think the numbers were more than from the first event. And truth be told, I’m not sure if the whole environmental thing got through. For one, you can ssume that those who joined to participate have already been convinced (and as there was no speeches, activities etc to indicate that it was a World Earth Day event other than the plugs on the radio station). Secondly, well, it’s not so environmentally-friendly to print the instructions on pieces of paper, right? No matter if the paper was green in colour.

I’m not putting the event down, just that I didn’t get as much out of it as the first event. And speaking to some people who were there, I wasn’t alone in the way I felt.

If KL Freeze in Unison gave me (or KL-ites) a high, then Freeze for World Eath Day was a buzzkill.

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  1. hey i remember making that badge! =P

  2. eh
    i think that guy who organized Freeze
    is kinda cute
    in a geeky way kan?

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