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Bush leaves the White House for the last time

Yup, as we wait to welcome a new American President, many people are also bidding farewell to George W Bush. I’ve been very critical of his policies, but I also remember eight years ago when he was running for President and I was supporting him over Al Gore (in protest of course, over Gore’s meddling in Malaysian affairs).

The picture below was a screenshot taken from, of Obama and Bush walking out of the White House after their morning coffee and before heading to the inauguration. This would be the last time Bush would walk out of the White House (unless he gets invited again next time lah).

George W Bush leaves the White House

George W Bush leaves the White House

12.31am Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. Omigosh, Niki… couldn’t you tell George W Bush was going to ruin America pretty much the way Mahathir ruined Malaysia? Boy… you need to trust your instincts more & your intellect less! Anyhow… no matter how terrible the nightmare, it’s like NOTHING HAPPENED once you wake up! :-)

  2. I was young then! 😛 Er, Younger. LOL

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