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Bright green Nike City Run KL #NikeKL10 runners storm Kuala Lumpur

I was really looking forward to today’s run for the Nike City Run KL (#NikeKL10) because it was the first proper Nike run in Malaysia since I’ve taken up running. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I took up running after being invited to participate in the Nike Human Race 10K in Singapore two years ago, and I went back again to run last year.

But nothing like running on your home ground, no?

Early start

I was running a bit late (geddit?) so I only got there at about 6.45am and I still had to walk from KL Convention Centre over to the Binjai Car Park where the race flagged off. By the time I had gotten there, most people were already waiting behind the start line for the flag off. About 9,000 people registered for the race in both the 5km and 10km categories so that’s lots of people in really bright green T-shirts!

Because I was late, I was quite far back in the queue but I was okay with it because I wasn’t planning on pushing myself too hard today. I had signed up for the 10k category so I was going to complete it, but because of my recent trip and also the fact that I wasn’t feeling 100% all week, I was going to take it easy.

Sea of green

I stole the amazing shot above from Nike Malaysia‘s Twitter account. ๐Ÿ˜› Like with most of my runs, I don’t have photos to share en route mainly because I don’t like carrying gadgets with me while running. In fact, today was the first time I’d run in a race with my phone, but that’s only because I wanted to use the Nike+ GPS iPhone app (which, unfortunately, failed on me halfway – kinda!).

At the end, I came in at just about 60 minutes on my clock (about 1.02.45 on the gun clock but I started at the back so I’m hoping that I went under 60) which was more than I could ask for. Already, I haven’t had much training so I wasn’t expecting to even hit 60 minutes. And with me supposedly taking it easy, I was really aiming for about 65 to 70 minutes. But I guess because I was so careful, I was mentally more focused – reminding myself to race against myself and not others, and to take it easy when I felt myself overdoing it – I did better than I thought.

So I’m totally stoked!


Other than the running, one of the things I enjoy most about these events is meeting up with friends. This is Menaha, Marketing Manager for Nike Malaysia, above who is usually quite camera shy. Don’t know what brought this out in her. Haha! And I love this shot because she looks goofy, and she’s not in green! Otherwise, all the photos will look alike!

Then I also bumped into Brian who I’ve not met since Urbanscapes! Also took a picture with Rubin and Wei, who were the only folks I knew and met before the race!

@bforbrianWith Rubin and Wei

There were lots of entertainment by the time I got back from my run. Bunkface was playing when I arrived and later on, One Buck Short took to the stage. I was lucky to have access to the VIP/Media area where there was 1. Food and 2. Aircond! Friends were there as well, so it was a good time to catch up with everyone as well. Below is a picture of some of us in front of the Nike wall – myself, Sarah Lian, Mena, Adi and SmashpOp.

Sarah, Adi and Jason

Also bumped into others who I didn’t take pics with including bloggers Jon, Bryan, Jeremy (Happy Birthday 101010 who overslept and missed the run), Xiang and Rebecca (who didn’t run either!). I was quite tired by the end of it all, and my legs were killing me. I headed home to ice my knees (they started hurting a while after I returned – groan!) just after Estrange performed (pic below) and Pop Shuvit too. I missed Joe Flizzow’s act but kaki sakit lah. Sorry!

Estrange rocks the crowd

This was my first run in three months and I really enjoyed myself. It was a different route than what I was used to (more about that in The Bangsar Boy next week) so I liked it very much as well, except for that little tunnel at the last kilometre where the traffic congestion meant that the fumes were terrible and cars and bikes were just honking in the tunnel! I’m going to miss the one in Singapore in a couple of weeks sadly because I will be away for work, but hey, can’t wait for next year!

Leaving you with a picture of my Finisher’s Toy!

Nike City Run KL Finisher's


The official timing is in. I just missed hitting sub-60 minutes – 1.00.02! Argh! Oh well … In other news, I think I messed up my knees. Le sigh.

Click here to check your own timing!

Official timing

2.05pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. Nice to meet you today Niki and congratulates on ur target achievement =]

  2. congrats on the timing, thats pretty good!!

  3. Hey.. i was babysitting the bday boy! who was sloshed!

  4. cool, i got Ari too..

  5. everyone also got Ari.. hmmm

  6. RaY responded:

    · Reply

    Hey Niki that was awesome timing there, you’ll get sub-1 next time for sure…congrats:)

    • I hope so! I’ve done it before. Starting to think that in my old age *cough* those days are gone. haha

  7. Awwwwww :) Love you, FEM!

  8. Congrats again! Should have got in touch with you & took a pic together :P..but didn’t rest enough the day before so was really thinking of just getting home. Next time, hopefully! Oh and that little tunnel..! I felt like I wanna pengsan in there..!

    • Thanks! And congrats to you for finishing the race too!

      Yeah, next time let’s get in touch! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  10. Wow that’s quite a sight to see…the highlighter green sure woke me up for the after-lunch-sleepy effect! Congrats man!

  11. too much ppl in highlighter green, too much for the eyes to take such early morning, so left early…hehe..will say hi next time.

  12. congrats niki..

    i think menaha is my junior from UKM. :)

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