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I went to watch a play tonight called RACE. The directors and some of the playwrights and actors are friends of mine, written a couple of other and features some of my friends as well. I didn’t stay long after the show so if I didn’t see you, I’ll say hi here. Er, HI!

Is it curi if I am helping them plug their show?

The show opened tonight at KLpac and will run until April 27. Catch it if you can. It’s a collection of four pieces of short plays all formulated based on the word – you guessed it – race. Ooohhhh … loaded. :)

Naturally, each playwright interpreted the word differently. After all, it is quite a clever play (no pun intended) on the word.

So … since it’s almost bedtime and I was busy playing Text Twist on Facebook, I thought I’d celebrate the competitiveness the word allows, and race against time to see how many things I can think off related to race in 5 minutes. The time now is 11.45pm. Let the race begin!

F1, 100 metres dash, kieren cycling, front crawl, breast stroke.

Dan lain-lain, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Kadazan, Dusun, Iban, Melanau … Singaporean?

Faster, run, hurry, cepat. Lumba! Pecut! Rush. Pedaling. Compete.

Alan Wu, Zab, Phil Keoghan, Team Guido.

Pit stop.

Mat rempit, taxi drivers, Mum. Speeding. Saman. Accidents?

Siapa cepat, dia dapat. Step on it. Fai tit!

Time’s running out. She’s dying. Is there no cure?

What’s the rush. Lambat lah.

Terminator. Aliens. Alf? Around the world in 80 days.


Government forms. Skin colour. Black, white, brown, orange, yellow. Michael Jackson macam mana?

Finish line. Dah sampai? Johan.


Interesting exercise. I will read this again tomorrow and see what it all means. As for the show, I’m not going to review it. I missed the first piece but I was entertained by the rest. Some good directing, some good acting, and some nice writing. I might pop by again to watch it.

Oh, as for the title of this post, go watch the show and you’ll get it. I think.

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