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Bali: This is the life

I was ready to start this post with a “It was a rather uneventful day in Bali” as I looked at our itinerary earlier yesterday. This was going to be my first trip to Bali and our flight was in the afternoon, which meant we arrive at dinner time and then there was that three hour ride to Village Spa in Tembok.

Our estimated arrival time was about 10-ish pm and as such, I knew that I only had time to come online and feed my staff in Restaurant City (I had checked for WiFi facilities on the resort’s website before departure). But yet, the magic of Bali captured me right from arrival.

Lots of forms

An airport is an airport and it was the usual process, albeit abit slow and we had to fill up three forms! Well, I suppose three forms is okay except that they gave them all to us at separate times so we had to stop to fill them up. Above is the disembarkation card and the customs form. I had already handed in my Health Declaration form earlier.

At the entrance, we were welcome by two of the resort’s staff who would drive us to Tembok (that’s Vivian and her sign). There were TWO cars waiting for us, very comfortable and they had even prepared cold towels for us to freshen us, and water for the ride.

I'm the party

The journey, although dark, was quite mesmerising. I could make out shapes and shadows from what little lights there was, as well as the moonlight and this was the perfect way to allow oneself to get caught in the mysticism that Bali promises. Well, except the parts where the roads were so windy and I almost wanted to throw up.

Other than the journey, my impression on Bali really is based on the airport and the resort. It was beautiful, this place we are staying at, as you can see from my room. Everything was impeccable, it’s as though they have thought of everything (including my favourite juice – watermelon! – as our welcome drink. :)

My room!

They had informed us that the restaurant was closing while we were in the car, so the driver called ahead and ordered us some sandwhiches which were waiting for us as we arrived. As we checked in (well, we pass them our stuff and they come back later just for a signature), they brought in a flask of hot ginger tea, which was yummeh!

Of course, as anyone who knows me knows my obsessions with bathrooms and toilets, I checked it out immediately. It was very nice (there was petals in my bathtub waiting for me to draw my bath) but what I liked most was the details, like this tray of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and bath salts below.


I got a nice room but Vivian had the special Villa which is humungous and beautiful! The Village Spa are proving to be wonderful hosts. Just check out the view of her villa from the beach, which has black sand because we are only 30 minutes away from a volcanoe that erupted in the ’70s – or was it ’60s?

Villa Vivian

There wasn’t much left to do since we were so late, so we just had our sandwhiches at the gazebo in Vivian’s villa before we took a stroll along the beach under the beautiful moon and sky full of stars. Then we checked out the rest of the hotel before we hit the sack (not before I came to the lobby to Twitter and Facebook of course). Heh.

How to not fall in love with Bali?

I’ll sign off here for now as it is 15 minutes before my spa treatment (that comes with the hotel room – each night entitles you to a 50 minute treatment). Ah bliss. A parting shot from all of us – Grace, Vivian, Penny and me – here in the gazebo in Bali.

Hi from Bali!

12.19pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. abi responded:

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    Nice room dude!Where u stay ha?

  2. You wanted to throw up too huh? Happened to me and wife and we did the journey in the afternoon so it was quite hot but arriving there makes it worthwhile…

  3. envy!!!!!!!!!! was it costly?

  4. ahhhh.. BLISS! I envy u! I am sooooo jealous!!!!

  5. so freaking lucky… if u’r blogging daily about the luxuries, i’m sooo spamming u!!! Lol.

  6. EVo responded:

    · Reply

    You guys are happening la! tell me what’s best at bali bro..i’ll b there end of august =)

  7. I somehow hate Bali although it’s really beautiful . Went there and the next thing I know , I became single. -_-

  8. […] I did. I love the place! So much so that I dedicated five six blog posts to it. You can read them here, here, here, here, here and here. It was a pretty fancy and luxurious trip but hey, I barely paid […]

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