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Bali: Goodbye is always the hardest

Well, that headline is totally true. I had fallen in love with Bali, and have vowed to go back. In fact, it was so much harder to say goodbye when I saw the hotel that a couple of my friends were gonna stay at, the night that I was leaving. But I’m going ahead of myself.

The last day of my Bali trip was also the day I would leave The Amandari and Ubud. Never mind the mouse (or something) I heard in my room the night before and got the hotel staff to remove it (they didn’t tell me what it was). Otherwise, it was a pleasant place to stay at – it was massive – so it was hard to leave.

That morning, the kind people at the hotel had organised for us to have a special breakfast. But first, we needed to trek about 1.5 hours (usually about an hour but we took slightly longer) through the forest, villages and main roads.

Beam me up!

I don’t mean to be syiok sendiri but when I saw the ray, I had to get a picture. BEAM ME UP, NIKE!

I really enjoyed the trek as we walked past lots of greens, the Ubud dam, crossed a scary wooden bridge across the river and also got to visit a couple of homes of the locals. The air was clean and it was the closest to an exercise I was getting (note how I brought my running shoes).

Cry me a river

Of course it was worth it in the end. Breakfast was at a gazebo, by the side of a hill overlooking lots of green, the river and some other houses/resorts at the other side of the mountain. Our guide, Pak Sunarya, had made sure we built up an appetite – there was cold juice waiting, a nice sadwhich, fruit salad, cold towels etc. It was most luxurious. The food itself was pretty standard western fare (we could pre-order it the night before), but the experience was priceless. Can you tell how happy we are?

Food, glorious food

After that, it was a 5 minute drive back to the hotel. We didn’t have much time left, so it was a quick shower, packing and then lunch before we had to head over to Seminyak an hour away. Lunch was exciting because we got the hotel to order us the babi guling from Ibu Oka (since we didn’t think we had time after our trek to go into town to fight with the locals over the best babi guling in town, if what we had heard was right). How nice to have it delivered to our room!

After that, it was a long ride down to Seminyak. I didn’t have much time there, just enough to see the others check in. This was the view from the Anantara Seminyak Resort and Spa, I wish I was staying there too! I didn’t want to leave!


But I had to go and do a bit of shopping for myself before my flight back. I wanted to go into Kuta to purchase some Uluwatu stuff for my sister but we didn’t have time. Along the way from Seminyak, I stopped by some factory outlet stores to buy some surfer stuff but nothing, except a pair of sunglasses and a pair of shorts, called out to me. Besides, I’d already spent a whole load of cash at Hard Rock Cafe the night before.

And just like that, it was the end of end of my trip and I was on the AirAsia flight back to KL. I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and my posts though.

I will leave you with this picture – of the babi guling dish – as a taste, pun truly intended, of another post to come. I won’t kill you with Bali posts so I’ll leave this for sometime next week but I wanted to share some pics of the places I ate at in Bali. :) Enjoy!

Babi guling Ibu Oka

3.03pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. Have some babi shops here in Miri as well. Wonder whether it’s as good as the ones in Bali!

  2. Jermyn responded:

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    Amazing pics Niki. The one with the sunlight beaming down and the river are just priceless. Reminds me of the need to pause a moment and take in all the amazing sites we sometimes take for granted.

    I’ve been thinking of going back since my last visit 10 years ago. After seeing this I’ve decided my next real vacation is gonna be to Bali.

  3. Paul:Let me know. If they are, I’ll come visit 😛 You’ll have to host me though but I refuse to stay in a place without hot water. haha

    Jerm:Thanks :) I was a great trip. You should go back!

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