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Penny Wong, gay Parliamentarian

Well, who would’ve thought? When I first read the news about Australian Minister of Water and Climate Change Penny Wong, it was in The Star celebrating the fact that the 40-year-old Senator is Malaysian-born. Her full name is Penelope Wong Ying Yen, and she was born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (She left the country with […]

Out of jail, into the real world

I see the signs but I’m not sure what it’s telling me. Neither do I think that there has to be a hidden message somewhere, but sure coincidences like this happened for a reason. Or maybe I’ve been reading one spiritual book too many. Whatever it is, I’m intrigued. I don’t know if you’ve managed […]

The Bangsar Boy: City Blues

Those of you who know me probably also know that I have a column in The Star. It is called The Bangsar Boy, and sits in StarMetro. Every fortnight, I write about things happening around town, share anecdotes from my past or just rant about anything and everything related to KL city. Basically, I write […]

Glory glory Man United!

Woot! I tried to stay up to catch it, watched a bit then found myself failing so didn’t watch the game. Read the Yahoo! play by play thingy this morning though – how exciting! And Paul Scholes’ goal – woah! That’s vintage Scholesey! BRING ON CHELSEA OR LIVERPOOL!

Iron Man rocks ass!

Well, okay, so it’s not like Academy Award winning but heck, Robert Downey Jr was so good that he might just get a nomination. It was two hours of pure joy for me. I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant – I mean edgy Robbie Jr playing a superhero? Come on, even […]

DBKL Officer? How rude!

I was playing tennis this morning (yes, laugh all you want) when a guy, maybe in his early 40s, in a uniform came storming onto the court. I turned to my friend and asked him if it was the same guy as last week. He said yes. You see, last week, I had to leave […]

Pearl of the Orient

Off topic: I can’t believe that Carly was voted off AI over the disasters that was Jason Castro and, one of my favs, Brook. Sigh. — And on to the post … So I started writing this last night. Then I just got tired and gave up. I had woken up at 6am to head […]


I went to watch a play tonight called RACE. The directors and some of the playwrights and actors are friends of mine, written a couple of other and features some of my friends as well. I didn’t stay long after the show so if I didn’t see you, I’ll say hi here. Er, HI! The […]

KL Freeze in Unison

I know, I know. I promised not to go on about this anymore but just got word that the video is out so here it is! Watching it gives me goosebumps. I still stand by my early thoughts about KL Freeze in Unison – it was brilliant! One of my pictures was used, and er, […]

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