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Pearl of the Orient

Off topic: I can’t believe that Carly was voted off AI over the disasters that was Jason Castro and, one of my favs, Brook. Sigh. — And on to the post … So I started writing this last night. Then I just got tired and gave up. I had woken up at 6am to head […]


I went to watch a play tonight called RACE. The directors and some of the playwrights and actors are friends of mine, written a couple of other and features some of my friends as well. I didn’t stay long after the show so if I didn’t see you, I’ll say hi here. Er, HI! The […]

KL Freeze in Unison

I know, I know. I promised not to go on about this anymore but just got word that the video is out so here it is! Watching it gives me goosebumps. I still stand by my early thoughts about KL Freeze in Unison – it was brilliant! One of my pictures was used, and er, […]

Buzz kill

Those of you who have been following the publicity for KL Freeze in Unison which happened two weekends ago would know that I have done nothing but rave about the event. I had written a post-event article for The Star, and later, in my column, spoke about my personal feelings towards such an event. I […]

nicster^ rants v.3

Dec 7, 2005 was the last time I had posted on my personal blog. I know this because Google helped me find my old site. I totally forgot I had a Blogger account.

But this new blog, and a new personal web site to come (can we all spell N.A.R.C.I.S.S.I.S.T?), has been playing in my head for over a year. I never got to it until last Monday, when I had two days off work, and I thought what the heck, I’ll get to it.

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